This is real interesting to me because what we see here first looks like Newsweek jumping the gun on the Herald. And I was surprised on first reading the story, knowing the Herald to be a paper of integrity. Then Newsweek added the Herald's explanation.

Now this is very different from the alt-R media which does nothing but copy/paste each other's "news" stories instead of working to flush out what is the real, confirmed story. This clearly shows the difference between the alt-right's propagandizing and Media's actual news. this article was posted, Jay Ducassi, the metro editor of the Miami Herald, received a message left earlier by Newsweek. Ducassi said, “The Miami Herald often attaches related archived stories to news articles. The day after a front-page article was published about the Newsweek report, the 1999 opinion piece by Donald Trump from our archives was linked to the online version of our coverage. We should have noted that the Trump op-ed was being reprinted solely in the context of the current controversy surrounding his purported 1998 violation of the Cuban embargo."...

...Newsweek telephoned the Miami Herald news desk and was assured an editor would call back to discuss their decision to reprint the op-ed piece without including the evidence of Trump’s deceit. No one returned the call.

The bottom line: American voters are preparing to decide who will be the President of the United States. This is serious stuff. The media has spent enough time with nonsense like Dr. Oz’s opinion of Trump’s health. Throwing a known falsehood back into the public—and pretending it reflects even a modicum of reality—constitutes journalistic malpractice. Miami Herald: Shame on you.

Following publication of this article, editors at the Miami Herald added a note to the reprint of the Donald Trump op-ed providing a brief mention that Newsweek reported this week that Trump’s company "secretly spent money trying to do business in Cuba in violation of the U.S. trade embargo."

Coincidentally and what most if not all of you won't know is that Lantana (that police station in randomly selected elephunt webpic) was original home of The National Enquirer.