Dos Caras Radio Spot ("two faces" aka the Two Trumps) If Trump Loses Florida, He Loses the White House

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    Oct 03, 2016 5:41 PM GMT Cuban exile (Republican) leaders mum, Clinton launches Miami radio attack ad over Trump's embargo-breaking

    MIAMI — In a sign of the “uncomfortable” spot Donald Trump has put them in, the Miami Republican leaders who support a hard line on Cuba don’t want to talk about a news story detailing how one of the GOP presidential nominee’s companies helped violate the U.S. embargo of the communist island.

    So Hillary Clinton is making sure voters hear all about it in South Florida — home to a sizable population of pro-embargo Republican Cuban-Americans — in a 30-second radio ad called “Two Trumps.”

    “One Donald comes to Miami to sip cafecito Cubano and talk about the human rights abuses of Castro’s communist regime. The other Donald thinks because of his money and his business that he’s above the law,” the ad says in English and Spanish.

    “An investigative report by Newsweek revealed that one of Donald Trump’s businesses violated the Cuba embargo in 1998. It said that the business paid a consultant $68,000 to travel to Cuba and explore business opportunities for Trump’s company.”

    Until recently, news like this would have riled the Cuban-American community. Spending money in Cuba is like putting cash in Castro’s pocket, they say. Trump said it too — about nine months after his company paid the consultant’s bill as he was examining a bid for president in 2000.

    But support for the embargo is dying a slow death, according to polls. Cuban-American Republican voters are the last holdouts in favor of the policy....

    And for Republican leaders, criticizing Trump runs the risk of depressing support for the nominee in Miami-Dade County, where 72 percent of the 366,000 Republicans are Hispanic and nearly all are Cuban-American. Without these voters’ strong backing, Republican candidates struggle to win Florida in close races. And if Trump loses Florida, he’ll lose his shot at the White House.

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    Oct 03, 2016 5:45 PM GMT[/cite]