Common Question in Astrological Spirituality [I'm Not Religious, I'm Spiritual] Deals with Twins, Triplets, ... Septuplets. Approach This Question via Harmonics.

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    Oct 06, 2016 4:29 AM GMT

    Joy to you and all whom you love.

    Because accuracy in birth times is essential in higher harmonics, as Ray Murphy well knows, astrological “research” is fraught with challenges. Alas, the phrase “scientific astrology” can become an oxymoron.

    (Ray, do you use Sirius for your research?)

    Hindu/Vedic astrology offers more than 20 “divisional” (harmonic) charts; however, in some cases the casting of those charts involves more than mere mathematics.

    Hank Friedman provides an over-view:

    Unfortunately, he does not discuss higher harmonic charts such as D-45, D-60, D-81, D-108, D-144, D-150, and D-300 (yes, the 300th harmonic).

    Given the phenomena of quintuplets, sextuplets, and septuplets such as the McCaughey septuplets, only higher harmonics might be able to describe 7 completely different and unique individuals.

    "Each of the septuplets has big plans for after graduation. Natalie is going to college to become an elementary school teacher. Brandon is pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a soldier in the U.S. Army. Kelsey, who was the lightest of the septuplets, weighing 2lb 5oz at birth, is a member of her high school choir and will be studying music in college. Kenny is going to study at the Des Moines Area Community College and intends to pursue a career in construction. Alexis, who has cerebral palsy due to birth complications, is co-captain of the cheer squad at her high school and graduated top of her class. Nathan was also born with cerebral palsy and learned to walk on his own. He now hopes to become a scientist. Joel, who came out last, making him the “youngest” of the septuplets, intends to study computer science."

    In 2008, I sent a letter via registered mail to 15 “professional” astrologers all of whom have books for sale on Amazon — 10 tropicalists and 5 siderealists. I asked for an astrological explanation of the 7 McCaughley’s, and even offered to pay. Although all of them signed for the letter, only one responded, an American Vedic astrologer who is also an herbalist and doctor of Ayurvedic medicine.

    He quoted Sri Yukteswar’s words to Paramhansa Yogananda: “Astrology is too vast, both mathematically and philosophically, to be rightly grasped except by men of profound understanding...the natal chart can be rightly interpreted only by men of intuitive wisdom: these are few.” Autobiography of a Yogi, Chapter 16, Outwitting the Stars

    He said that he knew three such mystics in India who can give the time of birth and place of birth just by knowing a person’s full name, can describe the planetary positions (as was done during the Edgar Cayce Readings), and can describe the unique differences between twins, for example.

    He also speculated that the D-300 chart (300th harmonic) called Ardha Nadiamsa might describe the differences; however, he knew of no one who did such an interpretation.

    My sister is a RN, nurse practitioner midwife who has delivered more than 1500 babies. She also enjoys astrology as as avocation, and has always been very careful about recording the first breath. In more than 30 years of practice, she never recorded a time that was exactly on the hour or the minute. There were always seconds, such as 12:04:28. At the 300th harmonic, one second of difference in the time of birth changes the Ascendant by slightly more than one degree. Therefore, the difference between 12:04 and 12:04:28 is one sign, and there may be significant shifts in aspects and midpoints that involve the personal points: Asc/Dsc; MC/IC; Ax/Vx; Co-Asc/Co-Dsc; ; EqAsc/EqDesc; PolarAsc/PolarDsc.

    Use Extended Chart Selections to cast a higher harmonic chart (see, for example, John Addey’s discovery of blindness in the 125th harmonic). Add 15, 30, and 45 seconds to your birth time, and notice the changes in the higher harmonics.

    Best wishes
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    Oct 06, 2016 5:09 AM GMT
    Alice Portman

    David Cochrane has both written and made YouTube videos on harmonics here is a link to get you started:

    I have written fairly extensively on Age Harmonics, which is a different approach to harmonics pioneered by the late Dymock Brose, here:

    Cygnus, I have done heaps of research on twins and multiple births and have found duad (dwad) and sub duad charts really describe their differences. I have written a fair amount about this here:

    Interestingly I discovered this technique when a friend who bred greyhounds asked me if I could determine which pup of a litter due to be born was most likely to be a champion. I asked him to mark each pup and the time - to the second if possible - when each was born. After playing around with harmonics with little success, I thought to do a duad chart for each pup and found one had Jupiter exactly conjunct the MC and well aspected in the duad chart. I told my friend this was the most likely pup and it turned out to be so - the pup became a champion.

    I had just discovered/invented this technique so was fascinated to see how well it worked for a litter of pups, so thought it could be applied to human multiple births and my research has shown me this is so.

    As an aside, there is nothing new under the sun. I was sure I had discovered a completely new and accurate technique with duad charts and Solar Fire kindly provided a quick way to calculate them, so I was thrilled. Then, on Chris Brennan's forum I found out that medieval astrologers had done exactly what I had been doing - hand calculating each duad chart, writing them up in a separate wheel and using them for more finely tuned astrological work.

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    Oct 06, 2016 5:14 AM GMT
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    Oct 13, 2016 4:58 AM GMT
    Regarding: 4 (dearth, stress), 5 (create, talent), and 9 (capacity for joy)

    2 = 180 Opposition
    3 = 120 Trine
    4 = 90 Square (dearth, stress)
    5 = 72 Quintile (create, talent)
    6 = 60 Sextile
    7 = 51.43 ?
    8 = 45 Semi-square
    9 = 40 Novile (capacity for joy)
    10 = 36 ?
    11 = 32.73 ?
    12 = 30 Semi-sextile

    Where is the Quincunx?

    If one does not have the seconds, just hour and minutes, do not go beyond which harmonic?
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    Oct 13, 2016 12:13 PM GMT
    Where is the Quincunx?

    12th Harmonic 30 x 5 = 150, it is a vibration of the semi-sextile.
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    Oct 13, 2016 12:20 PM GMT
    40 degrees is a novile. Alice Portman seems to say this.

    Kim Falconer writes:

    The 40 Degree Novile

    The novile divides the circle by ninths and is little used in western astrology. Some sidereal astrologers in the West do use a chart based on the nine series for consideration and elaboration of sexual attraction. AdZe suggests the novile aspect, or 80 and 160 degree binovil and quadranovile, is associated with charismatic charm, mystical force and ceremony as related to the ninth house. It is up to the reader to determine if this aspect is valid in their experience.

    Also see David Hamblin reference at