The mere fact that this is even being discussed by reputable political sources should tell us that the Trump candidacy is DOA.

The Republican National Committee, a group of 168 party leaders and activists from across the country, is empowered to name a replacement in the event of a vacancy for "death, declination, or otherwise," under Rule 9.

If Trump withdrew, the RNC could tap vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, or any other eligible citizen, to be the party's nominee.

That step, however, would only cover the party's role. Whether voters could actually pick the new nominee would depend on 50 different sets of state laws.

At least 34 states offer early voting, and several only allow voting by mail, which means Trump ballots have been printed and sent out. In fact, about 20 percent of the electorate already has the option of early voting this week, according to data from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission analyzed by Roll Call magazine.

As I already posted here, one of our neighbors told us she already received a Florida absentee ballot in the mail. It's too late to delete Trumps's name.