Hi newly to everybody

I am here for comment about the general "Ex-Gay" movements because I live in a country full of tabues and very religious and I can say that daily I listen about young guys that are forced by his conservative families to get into Churchs and Sexual Reorientation Therapies for "let" the homosexuality. Me as Catholic and Gay at time feel really angry because I think about free love and the homosexuality is not a behavior, is really a condition that we born.

I believe and I have inquired that the ExGay therapies and groups cause serious problems psychological and sometimes physical and I checked that Ex-Gay movement is a great failure, well I have a friend that followed a Chrisitan Crusade for conversion, and he thought that they had the cure for be gay and can go to sky. Finally he had to learn to accept him like he is because he discovered that his religious group was a big fraud and thar only he got was supress his desires but never let of be gay and those sermons affect him emotionally.

In my case, some of my familiars told me that I have to apologize with God when they gave notice that I am gay and an aunt suggested that I had to go with Doctors for "let my gay wishes" but I refused, and I decided live fully with my sexual orientation happy and help to other guys giving advices.

I continue proving, the Ex-gay movements are for cause hate and mental disorders manipulating with God name and Social Standars antiquated. Guys, be gay maybe seem a problem but in really is a gift of nature and admire the male beauty is the most. Be happy and be free.