I recomend this movie for Spanish speakers.

Verde Verde is a specie of real life Cuban gay thriller directed by Enrique Pineda Barnet and similar in thematic to a German old movie named "Querelle". The movie of Verde Verde is set in a port of Cuba in 2012 and it recounts the history of a Bisexual naval paramedic and a "straight" computer engineer who after a casual encounter in a bar, begin a specie of cloudy romance and a seduccion process that continues in the paramedic's apartment with a pun and very much fingering (ummm, as for jerking of thinking). The story takes a dramatic turn when after the sexual act, the engineer tormented by his ghosts and prejudices, end killing violently to his lover and he flees unhinged from the apartment.

The final is sad or unnusual, but the erotic use and the seduccion is the most in this film. Do you have to watch it.