Trump Leads His Base Into Battle as GOP Civil War Breaks Out - A "House Divided" moment

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    Oct 11, 2016 4:31 PM GMT
    The GOP is ripping itself apart. An online lead-in to this link reads: "A Party Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand". Difficult to find sympathy for Republicans in this mess. A term denoting one of the most despised actions in the US Army was the deliberate "self-inflicted wound, presumably to get a soldier out of combat, and even just some difficult duty. And so therefore earning the perpetrator no sympathy from his fellow soldiers.

    That's how I view Republicans today, in their present predicament. They deliberately brought this upon themselves, knowingly chose it. Even if the few Trump Trolls here are still singing his praises & propaganda, with phony polls and baseless Hillary attacks & slanders, the Republican Party leaders are already holding the wake. And trying to figure how to limit the "down-ticket" damage and put the Party back together after the coming debacle in November
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    Oct 11, 2016 4:39 PM GMT
    most excellent
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    Oct 11, 2016 5:41 PM GMT
    Trump has demonstrated himself to be a madman. And anyone who votes for him is just as crazy.

    Those reduced to defending their Trump support by falsely defaming Clinton (either one of them), are just proving my basic contention. Unable to justify Trump, they try to delegitimize Clinton. Perhaps one of the most pre-qualified & prepared candidates ever to run for US President.

    And an underlying tactic of theirs, that we saw in 2008 and 2012, is to demoralize RJ support for the Democratic Presidential candidates, and reduce voter turnout. Thereby strengthening Republican chances.

    A typical Republican method, like restricting voter access. If you can't win on your own merits, win by blocking your opponent's supporters from voting. A little more sophisticated variation of ballot box stuffing.

    And now it's reported that the Russian supporters of Republicans are trying to stuff US ballots by electronic hacking. The ultimate sophistication. Plus, as some here have claimed, assign some of their international online trolls to disrupt our own RJ site. That last I cannot verify, except to observe posting patterns that MIGHT not be incompatible with that election intervention assertion.
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    Oct 12, 2016 12:03 AM GMT
    lol how poor, how uneducated, how racist, and how resentful must one be, to still back Trump after all this?
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    Oct 13, 2016 9:21 PM GMT
    The GOP meltdown has been brewing for several years now. The evidence seems to be clear, Obama's second term as president has been their motivating factor in all things GOP caused chaos in America the last 4+years. The republican party was stunned that they lost in 2012, even with all their right wing extremists and infiltrator tea baggers that were elected to congress, 2010 thru 2012.

    They never got over it, especially the right wing. The moderate American electorate didn't see this train wreck of extremism coming or its backlash because these extremists stayed hidden from public view. Yes, "its Obama's fault" for unleashing and outing the American deplorables. Only for the fact, the deplorables "got scared" that the "minorities" were taking over the country and if they didn't say anything, now, they would lose their chance.

    Its absolutely fascinating to watch this time in our history. The deplorables have "outed themselves" and have captured their "spokesperson" within Trump. We are all witnessing the raw truth and feelings that these extremists have held close to their heart. In a way, its like a festering skin boil, you must get to the root (extremists) and dig it out in order for the skin (America) to heal.

    The "infection" (trouble making, tea bagging, deplorables) must be removed from power before America can heal herself icon_idea.gif

    Trapped by Trump: How the Tea Party’s glorious victories created the GOP’s current nightmare

    When President Obama was elected, the Republican base of the party, demoralized and defeated after the mess of the Bush administration, the Great Recession and the euphoria of the Obama campaign, quickly gathered its wits and reformed itself into a new entity they called the Tea Party. At first it simply existed to oppose President Obama’s agenda, the health care reforms in particular. Backed by big special interests and right-wing media, they became a force to reckon with and in 2010, with the economy still mired in recession and people still feeling desperate, they helped the Republicans win back a congressional majority, along the way unseating some long-term Republican incumbents like Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah and Rep. Bob Inglis of South Carolina, both taken down by primary challenges from the Tea Party right. They marched into Washington with a mandate to confront the establishment.

    The new insurrectionists also wanted to blow some things up just to show they could, which led to government shutdowns and “hostage taking” and sequestration. It proved they had power to gum up the works but it didn’t result in taking back the White House in 2012, even with Rep. Paul Ryan, every Republican’s dreamboat, on the ticket. That defeat didn’t change their strategy one bit. In fact they redoubled their efforts to turn Washington into a combat zone and whatever small amount of comity was left fell completely apart

    In 2010 and 2012, Tea Party candidates repeatedly won primaries against GOP incumbents or more qualified politicians, often leading to bad results in the general election. They tended to nominate extremists and fringe characters like Sharron Angle in Nevada and Richard Mourdock in Indiana who couldn’t win. To some extent the Tea Party base didn’t care whether the GOP won the seat or not. They were happy to flex their muscles against the establishment and put all officeholders on notice that if they didn’t toe the line, they could be next.

    Then came the earthquake of 2014, when the Tea Party and talk radio joined together to help an obscure college professor named Dave Brat take down a very powerful member of Congress. That was, of course, Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, the House majority leader, who had been touted just a couple of years earlier as one of the conservative Republican “young guns,” the future of the party. Pundits and analysts insisted at the time that the reasons were all local in nature and had nothing to do with broader trends. They were wrong. Brat won because of one issue: immigration, which was stimulating the right in a way they hadn’t seen since the early days of the Obamacare town halls. The primary defeat of Cantor showed the GOP leadership they had targets on their backs too.

    A year later, fellow Young Gun Paul Ryan reluctantly took the speakership after John Boehner sacrificed himself in order to get a budget agreement that would hold through the election. Predictably, Ryan soon became an object of mistrust and disappointment. The base, you see, doesn’t understand how our government works, and truly believed that if they sent representatives to Congress they could successfully roll back every liberal achievement of the past 60 years. They’ve been angry at the GOP for failing to do the impossible for quite some time.

    Isnt this what your straight male friends say to you when you are in high school? or maybe in the army? icon_redface.gif