Lunar Astrology / Moon-Earth Matrix as Goddess Shows What We Missed: Bernie Sanders as Metal Snake Virgo (Obama had Metal Heaven Element, too)

Metal Snake Element

Under the influence of the Metal Element, the Metal Snake is the most confident and secretive of all the Snake types. The mind of the Metal Snake is always at work, looking to find ways to meet their goals and avoid danger. Luckily, the Metal Snake tends to stay away from dishonestly, instead showing great integrity and strength of character. The focused Metal Snake is always looking for success and will do whatever is necessary to reach a position of dominance. The reserved nature of Metal Snake can make them quite mysterious, but members of the sign can usually open up to close friends. The Metal Snake has high aspirations for material gain and will feel successful in life when surrounded with the finer things.

Metal Snake Career

With ambition and confidence, there is little that can stand in the way of the Metal Snake achieving career success. Preferring a chance to reach a high rank, the Metal Snake would do well in business, finance or law. Similarly the Metal Snakes aesthetic appreciation could be well-suited for fashion, design or media. With musical inclinations, those born under the Metal Snake sign have been proven to be successful musicians. This can be seen in the accomplished careers of Charlie Watts and Bob Dylan, who were both born in 1941.

Metal Snake Warning

Although the Metal Snake has a variety of strengths, their zodiac influence does not come without some challenges. At times, the ambition of the Metal Snake can lead to a harshly competitive mindset. In these times, it is not unusual for the Metal Snake to be devious and harsh. Similarly, the Metal Snake has been known to have an envious personality, detesting the success of others. To overcome these challenges, the Metal Snake is encouraged to confront their insecurities.