Hello guys in forum.

I just received products ( Phase8 Protein 2.09kg, 4.60lbs ) from iherb and this is the first protein I try for my life so I have few questions.

First of all, I'm 180cm,5'11 and about 80kg, 176lbs. I'm a bit fat I guess. I don't go to gym nor do workout training but I swim 3 times a week ( 3.5km for each day ) and I run 10km once a week, and I'm not familiar with gaining muscles nor diet at all.

1. The product says I need to take protein at the normal meals, at the workout, and before going to bed. " at the normal meals " means break fast and lunch and dinner, so 3 times + workout time + nap time?

2. I only move my body 4 days a week ( 3 times swim, 1 day run) so how about the other 3 days that I don't do any sports? Don't I need to take protein ? as my sports menu says, I'm not aiming to be super fit like most hunks on here and shamefully I can't spend much money like buying one bottle of protein every month, so I want to keep the remaining protein as longer as possible.

3. I've heard that protein tends to be ruined by the mold, so how do you all device to keep them? should I compart them in some small plastic zip bags?

4. How long is protein durable? I just checked the whole package of this product but I couldn't find the expiration date limit.

Sorry if these sound silly, this is my first trial of protein, so I want to use it usefully.
other than these question, any other clues of protein are welcome !