Back in the 70s/80s, pre-grindr, this was our beachside version of Central Park's Ramble. park name change shocks John U. Lloyd's widow

No one told John U. Lloyd's widow that her husband's name was going to be removed from the beachside state park in Hollywood.

Terry Lloyd Kettering found out when she read it in Thursday's paper and said she was shocked, hurt and saddened. The park, known for 40 years as John U. Lloyd State Park, is now Von D. Mizell and Eula Johnson State Park.

The renaming honors two civil rights activists who helped desegregate South Florida beaches by staging a series of "wade-ins" on whites-only beaches near Las Olas. Between 1946 and the 1960s, blacks were relegated to what was known as "the colored beach" that in 1976 became John U. Lloyd State Park.


seems people were still playing thru the 2000's.... officers have arrested 25 men in the past three months at John U. Lloyd State Recreation Area in Hollywood. Their crime: having sex in the woods and restrooms.
A Web site listing the park as a place to go for gay sex may be one reason behind the increase in activity, park officials say.
"It's an ongoing problem," said park Manager Sid Leve. "We're trying to be proactive by having rangers and law enforcement officers patrol the area."
The Web site describes the restroom as "very cruisy" and suggests the nature trails "for a more private scene." It provides directions to the park.

john-u-lloyd-beach.jpg plain-clothes police cruise some of the very favorite haunting grounds for local gays as well. So if you are encouraged to check out the gay scene at John U. Lloyd State Park Beach in Dania, keep in mind that it is a public, not a pubic park- because the undercover cops that hang there are cruising for arrests, not dates.

johnulloyd.jpg Denies Targeting Gays in Busts at Park Beach