Is Hillary, Native Chicagoan, a Cubs Fan?

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    Oct 24, 2016 6:39 PM GMT

    NYT: A heated debate, one that cuts to the heart of the character and integrity of the Democratic presidential nominee: Was Mrs. Clinton, a native Chicagoan who ostentatiously donned a Yankees hat during her 2000 campaign for the Senate from New York, really a Cubs fan at heart?

    Or was she a baseball flip-flopper, cynically falling in behind whichever team was more advantageous in an election year?

    “It’s time to recount Hillary Clinton’s tortured explanations about being a die-hard Cubs fan — and how she’s also for the Yankees,” Lynn Sweet, a Sun-Times columnist, had written in a piece published on Thursday.

    And yet the fact of Mrs. Clinton’s Cubs fandom is not really open to dispute.

    Born in Chicago in 1947 — two years after the team last appeared in the World Series — Mrs. Clinton grew up in the suburbs, watching the Cubs on television with her brothers. They even re-enacted plays from the games, according to a newspaper column she wrote in the spring of 1996. Her father was a devoted fan, too, making her loyalty both geographic and genetic.

    “Even when baseball has tested my patience and allegiance, I’ve always managed to hold on to my soft spot for the Cubs,” she wrote.
  • musc007

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    Oct 26, 2016 12:39 AM GMT
    Who cares............
  • roadbikeRob

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    Apr 22, 2017 12:10 AM GMT
    We already know that she is a crooked power hungry incompetent whore with a violent temper!
  • musclpa

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    Nov 01, 2017 8:07 PM GMT
    musc007 saidWho cares............
    when id's she going away lol
  • sweetasscanb

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    Nov 02, 2017 3:18 AM GMT
    roadbikeRob saidWe already know that she is a crooked power hungry incompetent whore with a violent temper!

    That about covers it.