Do you also suffer from misophonia?

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    Dec 03, 2016 10:25 PM GMT
    I do.

    It is defined by WebMD:

    Misophonia, also known as selective sound sensitivity syndrome, starts with a trigger. It’s often an oral sound -- the noise someone makes when they eat, breathe, chew, yawn, or whistle. Sometimes a small repetitive motion is the cause -- someone fidgets, jostles you, or wiggles their foot.

    If you have a mild reaction, you might feel:

    The urge to flee

    If your response is more severe, the sound in question might cause:

    Emotional distress
    A desire to kill or stop whatever is making the noise
    Skin crawling
    Suicidal thoughts

    The disease can put a cramp in your social life. You might avoid restaurants or eat separately from your spouse, family, or roommates. Or worse, you could act on what you feel. You might attack the person who’s making the sound -- physical or verbally -- cry, or run away from the situation.

    Over time, you may respond to visual triggers, too. Seeing someone get ready to eat or put something in their mouth might set you off.

    A woman, unfortunately, recently committed suicide because of this condition:

    I have been bothered by nose sniffling a lot since I was a child. And now my sound sensitivity has expanded to a lot of other sounds. It really effects my life. In the cold or flu season, everyone around me has a cold and it is impossible for me to be in the same room as my work colleagues or anyone else who may have a cold.

    There is not much awareness about it. Some people make ignorant remarks such as 'Just get over it!'. If I knew how to get over this, I would have gotten over it!!! - Why would someone put themselves through so much agony if they had a choice not to!

    My parents live in India. They think any mental illness is a western creation. I went to a therapist and she said that it was anxiety. There is not much scientific research on this and there is no cure. Most psychologists do not have much idea about this condition and they often misdiagnose it as anxiety. My psychiatrist gave me a strong anti-anxiety medication. I was knocked out for 14 hours and was still sleepy. I was so feeling out of myself and I felt that this has lowered my barriers for self harm. I did not take the medication the next day as I had work. My withdrawal symptoms were very severe: I was feeling so week that I could not stand. I was feeling so depressed that I started crying at work. I thought: 'If leaving this medication after taking it for one day gave me such powerful withdrawal symptoms and this medication has not been documented to cure misophonia, what would happen if I stay on it for the next 6 months and then leave!'. I did not continue the medication.

    My boss has been kind enough to allow me to work from a quiet space. But I am a legal immigrant and my work permit expires in 2018. In India, there is a lot of stigma around mental health. If I reveal this to my boss in India and ask for accommodations, I may be fired. I can wear noise cancelling headphones but it does not help as our work space is an open space and even my headphones do not cancel out the sounds I am sensitive to.

    All of this has made me very stressed. Already my life has so many issues. But this one has just wrecked my life. I am so fearful that if I ever have to migrate to a workplace where my boss is not as compassionate as the one I have now, what will happen to me!

    If any of you have suffered from misophonia or are aware about it, can you please share you story? Can you please let me know what should I do about it?

  • Pyrotard

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    Jul 05, 2017 1:23 AM GMT
    Maybe this is why my older sister hated me so much. The sound of my voice was triggering her. And all these years I've thought it was just because she was a bitch.
  • argus

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    Jul 07, 2017 5:05 PM GMT
    Pyrotard saidMaybe this is why my older sister hated me so much. The sound of my voice was triggering her. And all these years I've thought it was just because she was a bitch.