You Don't Just Need Inflammation Supplements, You Need Collagen Supplementation!

This product has given me the results I was expecting from inflammation supplements. "Oh, you have arthritis, bone-on-bone discomfort, inflammation." BS, not once did anyone tell me over months of crippling suffering: you have a collagen deficiency and need to supplement with this product. Snapping Hip Syndrome? Not as much of that anymore. Snapping tendon or whatever near my heel bursar? Not as much of that anymore. Last night when I struggled to get off my knees to sit my butt on the floor and eventually lay on my back I was surprised to find I was more mobile, joints and tendons were not as strongly locked.

As of last night, we have two major planets in Aries (Venus and Uranus), one in Leo (the Moon), and one in Sagittarius (Saturn). And FURTHERMORE, of the six planets that aren’t in fire signs, three of them (Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn) are functioning as “honorary” fireballs, because their rulers (Venus and Saturn) are in Aries and Sadge.

Things are heating up on planet earth. You might be tempted to blow stuff up (jobs, projects, relationships), but be cautious: everyone’s intuition is a little off right now. There’s just too much energy bouncing around. Decision-making processes that usually work well can backfire. Negotiations may go awry, since diplomatic Jupiter-in-Libra is answering to the warrior princess Venus-in-Aries.

We’re also gearing up for the third big conjunction of Uranus and Eris, the asteroid Goddess of Discord, who is also in Aries.

Uranus and Eris will meet for the third and final time on Friday, March 17th. They make an explosive pair – fraught with irritation, aggression, expansion, and disruption. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling a bit of this already.

If you find yourself more irritable and anxious than normal, do what you can to get to the root. What’s REALLY bothering you


Well, I found what's really bothering me: collagen deficiency.

About a week or 6 days after starting to take this, I was able to move better on the treadmill, lifting my knees a little higher into a low march in place on a low speed setting.