Liposomal (?) Curcumin and BRM4

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    Mar 17, 2017 5:21 PM GMT
    What are liposomes?

    Liposomal Curcumin Comments:

    Pongoon, November 10, 2015
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    With alll the studies being published about curcumin, and especially the liposomal form, I decided to give this product to my grandma who is battling pancreatic cancer- stage 3 unresectable. Her doctor has recommended that she take it with the chemo she is receiving to help potentiate its effects. In no way am i endorsing curcumin for the treatment of cancer, but my grandma has an unforgiving type of cancer and needs all the help she can get.

    She has been taking this product for two months and tolerates it well. She tells me it tastes sweet and she surprisingly likes to eat it with her rice, i wouldn't recommend it though. Last week she went in to get her tumor marker tested (CA 19-9) and her oncologist says her tumor marker has gone down. I cant make any definitive statements about curcumin's role in bringing her tumor marker down because she is also taking other things in addition to curcumin, But I thought it might be worth noting.

    I cant say whether curcumin has any real effects on cancer cells, but I did notice that my grandmothers arthritis that she has had for over 30 years has become less painful. And when i stopped giving it to her for a week she had told me that the pain returned. A week later when another order of liposomal curcumin came through the mail immediately gave it to my grandmother and she reported that the arthritis pain subsided.

    If this product can help my grandmother, I am all for it.
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    "Help after over 20 years"
    ByJoy H. Stillon April 27, 2015
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    This formula was prescribed for me by my Naturopath physician for treatment of my long endured Firbromaylgia. I have found it relieves
    the intense pain in my back and shoulders where the FM pain is the most prevalent...So far it is the only thing that has helped in over
    20 years and I am therefore determined to continue using this product....
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    Mar 17, 2017 5:25 PM GMT

    ByTrraveleron August 26, 2013
    Been taking it for almost a year while n chemo.Have not been in the hospital once since I've been taking it.Would recommend anyone on chemo to take it.

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    Apr 04, 2017 5:03 AM GMT
    I used turmeric (circumin) as a treatment for my mother when I moved back East and began care taking her for Alzheimer's in 2002. I didn't begin the turmeric until 2004. It was the last - and most effective- treatment I gave her. Her alertness returned so now I HAD to vacuum or she would comment about how the rug looked (I could get away with doing it every few days before that!).
    Newsweek, in their April 2005 issue, commented on turmeric, as a treatment for Alzheimer's. The researcher interviewed said her only objections came from the drug companies, who asked her if she was trying to put them out of business. It is known that China and India have the lowest rate of Alzheimer's and it was directly traced to their diet and the amount of Circumin they use in their cooking. I've tried to suggest this to people who have memory problems, or parents/family with Alzheimer's as an alternative. It is annoying to me that people won't try it for that purpose. I'm aware that the unspoken thinking is, "If it was any good, the doctors would know about it." Right-o. The same ones who espoused low fat, high (bad) carb diets to their patients. That worked out well, didn't it?
    The only side effect of turmeric over a long period of time is constipation and that's hardly hard to deal with when you're fighting Alzheimer's. It work far better than the Aricept/Memantine combination which I was also giving her in 2002 (which my doctor didn't even know about. I knew more about it from being an AIDS caretaker since 1982). The drugs they give people for Alzheimer's are said not to pentrate the blood/brain barrier (I'd assume because the body sees the chemicals as "enemies"). The turmeric had no such problem and my mother showed an alertness within a week (her usual response period for anything new I gave her to see if it would work).
    As for the arthritis, that's one of the other benefits of turmeric/circumin: it's an anti-arthritic. Quite effective and within 24 hours (or less), too.