What to know about new advice on prostate cancer test

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    Apr 12, 2017 8:34 PM GMT
    What to know about new advice on prostate cancer test

    certain men may benefit as long as they understand the potential harms

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    Apr 12, 2017 10:11 PM GMT
    DUH! I've said that here myself. A PSA blood test (postate specific antigen) merely indicates your prostate is under stress. NOT that you have cancer. Only a biopsy can tell you that.

    Causes for stress can include infection, and having had sex very recently. The correct way to have a PSA draw is to abstain from sex for about 3 days prior. You're often not told that, before a blood draw is gonna be done, that includes PSA.

    Since I had a history of infection (chronic prostastitis) my high PSA didn't alarm me. My doctor gave me antibiotics, which would bring it down. But then it wouldn't. And got alarmingly high. She said a biopsy was mandatory.

    OK, I finally did it. Verdict: cancer. But now what to do? My age at 62 was right on the tipping point. Be much older, and the advice might be "watch & wait". Prostate cancer is usually slow, you're gonna outlive it anyway. Don't bother doing anything.

    Much younger, 40s or 50s, you might be advised to move more aggressively. If it starts moving quickly it's gonna get you first. There's no simple or single answer here. It's very personal.

    My case? The cancer was extensive, and of a dangerous, active nature. There wasn't a waiting option. In fact, I was told I might have waited too long already. I immediately began treatment. Every man is different.

    And BTW, just as an aside, prostate cancer itself can't kill you. You don't need a prostate, it's not a vital organ like a liver. Nice to have one, but not eseential to life. It could just rot from cancer and you wouldn't die.

    What DOES kill you, as it killed my Father, is when the cancer metastasizes. When it spreads to the organs you do need, like lungs and liver, or gets into your bones. All that happened to my Father.

    Again, all a PSA test tells you is you should have your prostate looked at further. And even if a biopsy does show cancer, maybe you can just leave it alone. Let sleeping dogs lie. But the expert doctors determine that.