White party Palm Springs

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    Apr 19, 2017 5:45 AM GMT
    Anyone going ? It's in a couple of weeks. This would be my first time. What can I expect? I am good with the club scene and the pool parties sound fun but I am not into drugs. Hopefully it won't be too crazy icon_smile.gif
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    Apr 19, 2017 4:49 PM GMT
    I went to one of these parties maybe 5-6 years ago. It was fun - alot of time in the pool, a few drinks, and some good people and food.

    The downsize is alot of guys do recreational drugs and that doesn't make for a good time for me.
  • Destinharbor

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    Apr 19, 2017 8:35 PM GMT
    I haven't been to the Palm Springs party but I've been to a few other circuit parties. I'm sure some guys were doing "recreational drugs" but I didn't really notice. How would some guys doing drugs in any way affect you having a good time? The peak of the druggie circuit party craze was decades ago and most of the guys going now are reformed bad boys who drive nice cars and can afford high charity ticket prices. Don't worry about what others are doing. Just go and have fun!
  • rucker

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    Apr 20, 2017 1:54 AM GMT
    My recollection from the peak of the drug infested circuit party craze decades ago was that at the WHITE PARTY I didn't get why these hot hot men where clutching the walls. Then it dawned on me. They were really fucked up is why they we're doing it.
    That was a pathetic sight to see. I mean to spend all the time and effort to be so damn built and hot then destroying the looks you have by almost crazed O.D. ing on the dance floor and around
    I was in line for a beer and a guy behind my friend threw up like Linda Blair on his back.
    Those are only memories from the surreal of that element.
    It wasn't all bad. No no no, the pool party was eye candy galore & daunting. I had to fight my insecurities
    I ended my party night in warm bed with 10 other hot men that were lucid l got to personally 'KNOW ' them individually .
    To say the least it was great. And a night to remember.
    To make my reminiscence short

    You'll find good and bad there as u would anywhere.
    Stay true to yourself and your limits and you'll be fine

    Assuming there is a sense of self and limits here
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    Apr 20, 2017 6:24 PM GMT
    Being an electrician's son, when I first heard the term "circuit party" it piqued my interest, figuring it must involve fancy light shows. Never went to one, but if I did, being from Miami, it probably would've been the "White Party" when it was held at the vintage villa Vizcaya (built during WWI by a gay man, natch), where I'd have wound up in white linen channeling "Brideshead Revisited," oblivious to the fact that it was a white underwear, drug-fued bacchanal.

    Cautionary tale, kids - this is what happens when you don't do drugs. You wind up ill-equipped even when you're well-equipped.


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    Apr 28, 2017 8:06 AM GMT
    Lol when I heard of these White parties in Palm Springs, I thought, **HHmmm, all white guys in Palm Springs getting it on?? Lol plus all the drugs, parties, circuit sex.
    Just go and have fun, it's not for everybody really. I mean, I don't think I can stand partying all 3-4 days weekend and doing tweaking drugs like crazy. Lol,
    Never been to the white party though I want to go to one of those clothing nude resort hotel in Palm Springs? Maybe with a Partner, boyfriend in the future. Just to relax, unwind, swimming and sleeping in the hotel. icon_smile.gif
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    May 03, 2017 6:43 AM GMT
    I am puzzled by the outfits that gay men wear at white parties. They are so tight and tiny white underwear/shorts. Where would one put their credit cards and cell phones? Those shorts barely have any pockets. I am like super curious to find out.