Facebook Live is scene of another suicide; police say 'I hope this isn't a trend'

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    Apr 28, 2017 3:34 AM GMT
    What is going on? We lost one of our own, Behemothboi last year


    An Alabama man live-streamed his suicide on Facebook and that has law enforcement officials concerned others may take their lives this way unless the social media giant finds a way to stop or at least adequately monitor violence on its platform.

    The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office was alerted by a woman from Mississippi late Tuesday night that her friend might harm himself. While deputies were en route to the scene, emergency dispatchers began receiving calls they had just watched a man commit suicide on Facebook Live. When they arrived at the scene, deputies found 49-year-old James M. Jeffrey of Robertsdale, Ala. had apparently fatally shot himself in the head with a rifle.

    Anthony Lowery, assistant chief deputy with the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office, says the Facebook Live video had over 1,000 views and had been shared a few times. It remained on Facebook for about two hours. Al.com earlier reported on the death.

    "This was a first for us," of someone taking his own life on a live-streaming service, Lowery told USA TODAY. "I hope this isn't a trend starting. It's one thing to commit suicide. It's another thing to victimize other people."

    In a statement, Facebook said it was "deeply saddened."

    "We care about the safety of our community and want to provide assistance for people in distress," the statement said. "In instances where someone posts about self-injury or suicide, we want to be sure that friends and family members can provide support and help. Our in-product tools provide resources to help someone reach out on Facebook to a friend who may be struggling, as well as resources for a person who may be expressing suicidal thoughts. We will continue to work with experts and organizations around the world to help people feel supported on our site."

    In the past week or so, the murderous musings of a man suspected of executing 74-year-old grandfather Robert Godwin Sr. in Cleveland and the killing of an 11-month-old child by her father in Thailand before he committed suicide have been streamed on Facebook.
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    Apr 28, 2017 3:36 AM GMT

    An Uber engineer kills himself. His widow says the workplace is to blame

    Last April, Joseph Thomas, a 33-year-old self-taught African-American computer engineer, turned down a job at Apple in order to work for Uber. Five months later, he had killed himself, leaving a trail of questions about whether the company's fierce work culture was to blame.

    Thomas had left his previous employer LinkedIn, lured by a great salary, Uber's reputation for smart engineers, and the potential for future wealth. The $170,000-a-year job already allowed for the purchase of a “dream house” for his childhood sweetheart and wife, Zecole, and the couple’s two young boys.

    In August, Zecole found Thomas dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The tragic outcome, first reported in the San Francisco Chronicle Tuesday, has led to a lawsuit: His widow contends Uber's intense work culture was at fault.

    “Uber’s culture was different,” Zecole Thomas told USA TODAY. “Here was a man who was very good at what he did, who took care of his family. But within months, he started to tell me that he ruined our life. That he was broken.”

    When her husband Joe started to grow despondent, Zecole joined him in a visit to a therapist. Leaving Uber was suggested, but Thomas replied, “’I cannot do it, I cannot think,’ she says. “Joe was shutting down.”
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    Apr 28, 2017 3:39 AM GMT

    Man fatally shoots boss, self in Dallas office tower, police say


    A man went into a north Dallas office tower late Monday morning and fatally shot his supervisor, then himself, Dallas police said.

    Police were called to an active-shooter situation at about 10:45 a.m. in a building near Interstate 635 and U.S. 75, said Randy Blankenbaker, a Dallas assistant police chief, at a news conference Monday afternoon.

    The shooting was in an office meeting room, which was behind a locked glass door, Blankenbaker said. Officers used a shotgun to breach the door, and one officer had minor injuries from the resulting debris.

    Officers found a man and a woman dead in the room, Blankenbaker said. Police said they believe the man was the woman’s subordinate and that he shot her before turning the gun on himself.

    Their identities were not immediately available.

    Officers searched the building to make sure there were no more suspects and evacuated it. The building was cleared about 12:50 p.m., Blankenbaker said.

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    Apr 28, 2017 3:53 AM GMT

    My own first experience with a coworker killing himself was 1999, I had just lost a job myself and I worked with this guy on a daily basis. Four months after I left, I heard he killed himself with his own shotgun (he used to hunt with). Only 34 years old, and a couple young children, he talked about not wanting to live if his wife ever left or divorced him. I heard his whole ending was a complete tragedy.

    The place I worked at did not have a 'diverse' culture as to handle employees with mental or extreme emotional issues, the place was extremely republican, they did not have employment protections for LGBT either.

    This particular time in our history has been very rough for many. Those without work struggling, those with work pressured to their productivity limit. One person doing the work of three