3 Common Prostate Issues in Men

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    May 23, 2017 6:48 AM GMT
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    May 26, 2017 2:42 PM GMT
    Very simplified article, but useful. I had conditions 1 and 3.

    It's true that prostate cancer is treatable, and not itself a great threat, although an inconvenience that can upset your sex life and produce problems peeing. I often say that a cancerous prostate itself can't kill you. You don't need a prostate to keep you alive, just give you pleasure when it's healthy.

    But left untreated, or caught too late, the cancer can spread to organs that you DO need to live. Like liver, lungs, and bone. That cancer spread is what killed my Father. And non-invasive tests mentioned in the article won't always give an accurate picture. The ones done on me did not, the urologist even telling me based on them that my cancer chance was low.

    But he'd also done a biopsy, which is invasive. And not as painful as they once were. In fact, it really wasn't painful at all. A week later the results were read to me, and the doctor had to apologize. My prostate was heavily involved, and with an aggressive form of cancer. The "watch & wait" option the article outlines wasn't for me, or I would soon end like my Father.

    Therefore I would also recommend having a biopsy, if other indicators are ambiguous. The result might still be watch & wait, if the cancer's early and slow developing, as many of them are. But some cancers move quickly, and you may not know based on non-invasive tests alone.