What were locker room situations in junior high, high school, college like for you before coming out?

  • Joshthegaymer

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    Jun 04, 2017 3:24 AM GMT
    I've always heard that it was always awkward for guys in general. So in my case I wasn't able to change or do anything in front of my male teammates on the football team due to me being kind of body conscience (I have a crazy high metabolism so it is difficult for me to gain any weight) and because embarrassed by my small stature. It also doesn't help that I have been made fun of because of the size of my junk, so that also played a major part in it. Anyways, what was all of your experience like?
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    Jun 04, 2017 3:59 AM GMT
    My experiences were always tense and unpleasant. I wasn't embarrased by my body overall, though. It was my dick. It was very big for my age in high school, and got hard at the slightest thought.

    In the early-mid 1960s you didn't get a boner in the open gang shower - that was queer. And I was naturally so big I feared the guys might think I was already half-hard. I wished I had a smaller dick, like they all did.

    And I sometimes did start to get hard. Couldn't understand why. I was still in denial, never believed I could be a queer homo myself (we didn't say "gay" back then, apparently still an insider term for the homosexual community).

    In retrospect I now realize being surrounded by naked guys was sexually arousing to me, but my mind wouldn't formulate that possibility. Not in the closet, just unable to accept the possibility at all, in very deep denial.

    So school locker rooms were torture for me. It wasn't much better when I was 20 and had enlisted in the Army. With even less privacy. It helped that I naturally didn't wear my eyeglasses in the gang shower, virtually blind without them. But I KNEW naked guys were all around me.

    My trick was to close my eyes as I showered, and think of playing my favorite Mozart piano sonata. I had it memorized, and would concentrate as if the keyboard was under my fingers, mentally performing that calming piece. Sometimes I even hummed it a little. My dick would stay quiet.

    Strangely, what finally released me from that problem was coming out, and going to gay bathhouses. There I could get as hard as I wanted in the showers. and everywhere. It was admired, no shame issue.

    Afterwards, when I returned to straight locker rooms like at the YMCA, I was no longer troubled by the experience of being naked with other guys. Been there, done that in the proper setting, I could just ignore these other guys. They got no rise out of me.

    I found the change in my behavior fascinating. I guess once my craving was satisfied in gay bathhouses, doing all the things I subconciously wanted to do being fulfilled, a straight locker room lost any excitement. And any fear for me. I was totally oblivious to the guys around me, no interest whatsoever. Hence no more unwanted boners.
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    Jun 04, 2017 4:09 PM GMT
    Seventh grade before pubes was awkward. Eighth grade with bush was icon_biggrin.gif Also, I had a really sexy built hairy greek gym coach who enjoyed showering with usicon_wink.gif
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    Jun 04, 2017 5:05 PM GMT
    Starting in 6th grade, showering after gym in the open shower room was a required part of our grade. The coach stood their with a clipboard checking everyone's name off. Seeing naked guys and erections became normal. If you got caught looking, you were called a f@g. Guys with big erections liked to walk around showing them off. Small built or uc guys were cornered and stripped.

    In High School, wearing a jock was required and everyone assembled in a line in the gym to pull their shorts down so the coach could confirm.

    Also once each year in High School, everyone stood in a line with only their jockstraps on in the gym. A doctor was at the front of the line where each guy had to pull down his jockstrap and and have his privates examined. Many guys had erections through the whole process and some got erections when they were examined.
  • bro4bro

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    Jun 04, 2017 7:32 PM GMT
    When I was in school we were required to shower with the boys - in a gang shower - after every gym class and team practice, from seventh grade on. So, if you played sports, you were showering with a room full of naked guys twice a day.

    The first couple days were nervous and awkward. By the third day, it was just normal.

    My college dorms at Miami of Ohio also had gang showers. I lived in the jock dorm, right next to the football stadium. After every bonechilling cold home game a few of us would rush home, crack open a beer, strip and jump into the shower together. We'd stay in there half an hour or so talking, drinking, laughing and soaking up the heat. We were perfectly comfortable with each other - and as far as I know, none of them were gay.

    To be honest I didn't even have sexual thoughts about guys until I was 21 - I had a whole shitload of repressed sexuality going on - so showering with guys wasn't difficult for me because I didn't (knowingly) see them in a sexual light.

    But there was this guy I roomed with for one semester when I was 20. Blond hair, blue eyes, handsome as fuck, a totally spoiled upper middle class suburban kid. We hated each others' guts, or so we thought... he was apparently suppressing a lot too. I had an early class each day and he didn't have anything until 10, but even so, every morning when I crawled out of bed and plodded down the hall to hit the showers, he'd get out of bed and follow. It'd be just the two of us showering together, back to back, every single morning before dawn, and I couldn't help sneaking peeks at his ass. He worked as a lifeguard in the summer and had the sweetest Speedo tan lines you ever saw.

    We split up at the end of the semester but man, if I'd only been able to figure out what was going on inside my own head... and his... it woulda been one hell of a ride.
  • fmdemi15

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    Jun 05, 2017 3:34 AM GMT
    Never had a problem. I mean of course I knew I liked guys by middle school. But what got me hot were the coaches! Always fantasized about my 7th grade p.e. coach and the baseball coach in high school. Hot Studs I wish would have fucked me
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    Jun 05, 2017 1:46 PM GMT
    The locker room showers in Jr High and High School were clearly designed by people who wanted boys to look each other over... big tiled room with 6 columns with 6 shower heads on them... so wherever you stood, you're staring at 5 other fellas and they are staring at you...

    I had no issues being naked around guys... once i got between one of the dumber jocks and the kid he was body shaming... dude clearly could have very easily kicked my ass, but I figured I was safe... one thing you're almost guaranteed is that a "fight" won't break out in the showers... no one wants to be seen touching anyone else... hahah...

    College dorms were a little different... individual stalls with curtains for showering surrounding a common drying area.
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    Jun 05, 2017 2:18 PM GMT
    JonSpringon said
    College dorms were a little different... individual stalls with curtains for showering surrounding a common drying area.

    When I returned to college in the 1970s our campus had a rather radical coed dorm. One of the smaller, older ones that had originally been built as a female dorm.

    Now it was coed, but VERY coed. You hadda be in your 20s, never married, and your permanent residence at least 25 miles away (mine was 4). You also had to enroll in a course called "Experience in Adult Living", and have classes in the common room twice a week, for which you received a grade.

    The bathrooms were also coed, communal in the hallway and 2 per floor. The students on each of the 3 residence floors created their own rules. Some decided to create bathroom door signs that indicated when either men or women were inside. Others had an "open door" policy. The showers were old-style open-gang, and in some bathrooms men & women showered naked next to each other.

    This was 40 years ago. You can imagine how amusing I find it today that many young guys are too shy to shower with other men, or even dress together in locker rooms. I'm still puzzled why this cultural shift occurred.
  • barefootlover

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    Jun 11, 2017 12:51 AM GMT
    I showered nude with about 20 nude guys every time after phy ed class in high school and always had an erection because many in my class were really well endowed with hot bodies. Before going to my next class I would go and masterbate in the restroom. Although I never verbally spoke about it, guys in my class knew I was not only attracted to hot chicks, but hot guys as well.