The FDA just approved generic Truvada, and the implications are immense

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    Jun 10, 2017 4:45 PM GMT
    The FDA just approved generic Truvada, and the implications are immense
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    Jun 16, 2017 5:05 AM GMT
    This is excellent news as the real target of the 'Prep' strategy are those people who were using little to no protection for HIV and are statistically more likely to be from low socio economic backgrounds. I think a lot of the concern around Prep is actually from those men in the middle class financially stable demographic who have high levels of education about safe sex, where statistically more likely to have already been engaging with sexual health prevention agencies as well as being more likely to be complying with public health warning strategies prior to Prep being available and their is enough evidence to suggest that Prep may have increased their risk factors as they would be going from 98% which is condoms highest reliability number vs 92% of Prep. Prep is here to stay and has a big role to play in preventing HIV infection numbers continuing at higher rates in the gay male population. I mention this becuase the biggest barrier to Prep being effective in helping to reach the goal of Ending HIV goal by 2020, is our attitudes and both those for and against are equally to blame. Just remember for those of you who site statistics of 60-70% protection for condoms that they, fair very favourably to scientifically equivalent studies (iPrex) study which found a %41 proficiency rating of Prep. The nay Sayers should remember that even at 41% (keep in mind both above lowest proficiency ratings are only worst case scenarios from independent studies) Prep will save many lives when people who have 0% or close to that number protection from HIV.

    As I have said all along, we must all stop living in a fantasy that a cure is here yet coz it isn't and that BB sex is a right just because hetero couples do it. Prep is about HIV prevention and not about a BB sex rites agenda or about making HIV neg guys become guilted into having sex with Poz men. The sooner the community accepts that message the sooner Prep will gain full acceptance in both the gay and wider general population. I believe the beet method of access to this treatment option is already in place but it would be potentially damaging if people who were this medication were not effectively supervised as the consequences for the whole community to have a great weight lifted of our back through what I suggested or to follow the self indulgent same mistakes that have been made time and time again and insanely expecting a different outcome. If your still sceptical about th need to roll Prep out with caution or you believe in the right to do what you want with your own body, just remember that you have this right and so you should do, but don't expect everyone else to pick up the tab for your choices.

    I hope I have pissed off the extremists on both sides of the Prep debate, the blind advocates who want the broad sweeping use of Prep but are mainly about BB sex rites as well as the nay Sayers who would rather see the same old situation continue. Your both very wrong, dangerous and in the minority thank goodness