For the Un-initiated the difference between Rugby League aka League and Rugby Union aka Union are almost non-existent. In truth their are many similarities and League was originally a break away from Union over players being compensated for injuries in the late 1800's which is a time when social welfare was non-existent meaning participating men who sustained injuries which prevented them working would become broke and destitute while playing Rugby Union which until 1995 stayed amateur allowing players to only recieve $50-$100 per day on tours overseas only. This meant only the rich could afford to play leading to the historic association of League being a working class game reviled by many Rugby Uniom purists.

Personally having played both I have a strong appreciation of many aspects of them but have enjoyed playing Union more which is still amature below the top eschelon but League more entertaining to watch and go to more games live/watch on TV/iPad. Union is far more international and only second to Soccer as the most played and supported game both in overall numbers and countries participating with League a distant 3rd and Gridiron (American Football), Australian Football (AFL) and an Irish game (Gailick Football) which is played internationally as a Hybrid game only.

How many people know of or have heard of these other football codes particularly in light of the impending inclusion of a Candian team based in Toronto (will be the Wolfpack) gaining entry as a transatltic team in the European Super League (based mainly in England and France)