Months ago i started working out seriously at home and my first goal was to lose weight. With cardio and kickboxing I went from 105kg to 95kg and was quite happy with it, because i like my body thick and not too slim.

Then i decided i should start building some muscle, so i got myself i pair of dumbbells and started doing these exercises: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRr7aGPuLzw&t=200s
I've been going at it for the past 3 months doing it 3 times a week, i started slow with 6kg dumbbells and i'm currently working with 10kg dumbbells. I actually feel that i'm getting stronger and i've noticed changes on my body, but I feel that i'm lacking exercises so i was looking for a better full body workout that i could do at home and with my dumbbells.
I still want to look big, thick but more toned and stronger, so any tips from you more experienced guys sure would help me.

I'm currently 92kg and i'm 1.82m, since i'm not looking for major weight lose i've not been so restricted with food anymore, i was more during the cardio/kickboxing phase. I feel a little guilty though so any tips with nutrition and things could also help me.