Shelter? Really?

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    Oct 11, 2017 12:52 AM GMT
    OK guys, I’ve had enough. I’m coming out of the closet.

    I despise the movie Shelter.

    I’ve heard this dog of a movie called “the best gay film ever made” by contributors to these forums, by YouTube know-it-alls, by mainstream media, even by gay media, and for the life of me I can’t see what they’re talking about.

    OK, it’s very well photographed and has a nice, polished look. That’s to be expected since writer/director Jonah Markowitz’s day job is as an art director for mainstream Hollywood movies. But I find it to be completely phony and pretentious, from the title onward.

    ***In case you haven’t seen it, major spoilers follow***

    So, our hero Zach wants to go to art school to nurture his monumental talent and escape his low-rent life… but sadly, he doesn’t have any money, and instead stays home babysitting his young nephew, whom he loves dearly. He goes surfing with his filthy rich friend’s gay older brother, and – Bingo! – discovers he’s gay. No long tortured nights of self-doubt, no secret longing for forbidden fruit, no feelings of loneliness or isolation because he feels there’s no one who will understand, just Instant Gay, Instant Filthy Rich Supportive Boyfriend.

    His best friend – the new boyfriend’s younger brother – is totally cool with it.
    His girlfriend is ridiculously understanding.
    His nephew loves the new boyfriend, and vice versa.
    His sister acts like a bitch for about a minute and a half, until she realizes he’s willing to take the nephew off her hands for good – then she’s all down with it.
    His brand new boyfriend not only gives him a place to live and picks up the tab for his art school, but is also immediately on board with adopting the nephew!

    What the fuck does this guy need “shelter” from? I don’t know ANY gay guy who had such an easy time. Fuck, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman never had it so good!

    Coincidentally, one year BEFORE Shelter came out, another film with a suspiciously similar plot was released. Vacationland, written/directed by Todd Verow, is about a high school kid named Joe with no particular talent, who wants to go to art school as a means of escaping his low-rent life. The production isn’t near as slick, the actors aren’t as professional and the writing is hit or miss at times, but overall it plays much more true to life than Shelter – which shouldn’t really be a surprise since like all Verow’s films it’s semi-autobiographical. I think it’s a much, much better film.

    Here’s the trailer for Vacationland:

    And you can watch the complete movie for free on YouTube here:
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    Oct 11, 2017 5:31 AM GMT
    The reason why I rarely go to a movie these days is because inevitably the script is full of holes, logic holes, or it has the characters behaving in ways that simply aren't realistic. I get the impression that moviegoers turn off their brains when they go to the movies and accept whatever it feeds them. (Queue my standard rant.) My suspicion is that it's because they watch TV and TV dramas are full of bs and they're simply used to it. Comedies don't have this problem because you're not expected to really believe anything. The last good movie I saw was the comedy Spy with Melissa McCarthy.
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    Oct 11, 2017 10:47 PM GMT
    SHELTER was OK.... I saw parts of myself at times, but overall, as a love story or a coming out story or human interest was meh...
    The theme music was OK, and it was beautifully set on the California coast. At the point of a California setting on the coast...I had zero in common...maybe the shore of a lake in a state park or Lake Erie? Surfing? sorry....
    In all honesty, if and when I go to the movies, I am wanting something that I can just "roll with" in the suspension of my need for logic or reality.
    I live in reality and face it every day....a break from it on occasion for a few hours is a gift some days.
    It doesn't matter to me if it is a LGBT based movie or some other genre.
    Personally, I want to watch comedy, sci-fi, documentaries, and the like.... as for the suggested movie, I'll give it a look. Thanks.
    I loved The BIRDCAGE...and laughed my ass off....LATTER DAYS was ok, BB-MOUNTAIN was ok, BEAUTIFUL THING was a good movie, CHASING AMY was better than any of them as a drama, too many others to nam, but they mean different things to different people and at different times in everyone's life. At 25 vs 57 years of age, I connect differently and for various reasons, just like everyone else on here...