GREAT NEWS! Was Told Today I Have A Heart!

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    Nov 07, 2017 10:35 PM GMT
    The literal kind, not the figurative. The latter being a source of some debate in my case.

    Had an echocardiogram, and also a check of my carotid arteries. Alles ist in ordnung! In fact, I fall smack into the ideal range, excellent findings for a man 68 years old. No apparent plaque in the arteries, heart not enlarged, pumping efficiency excellent, about as good as the heart can do, the valves functioning well. I was told only men who've been athletic for most of their lives produce results like I did.

    Well, yeah, I replied to him. In the Army 25 years, taught college gym classes for 3 years, still bicycle, eat carefully (although not fanatically), never smoked, no recreational drugs, drink moderately, only slighly overweight (and still losing). More proof that what Real Jocks do can produce the best health results, if you do it correctly and regularly.

    BTW, what prompted this was a bout of vertigo (extreme dizziness) I had last week. Again, the literal kind, not the figurative. I crashed onto the floor several times. The sensation like when you play a spinning game, after which you can't stand. Required others to get me back on my feet, and for a day I had to use one of our walkers anytime I stood, confining myself indoors to the condo.

    I've had it before, due to a recurring inner ear infection. So I was kinda certain what it was, an "old friend". And my doctor gave me meds that quickly got it under control. But still, given the age I am now, it was thought prudent to eliminate other common problems that can also cause these symptoms.

    Another lesson here, besides living a healthy, athletic lifestyle: see your doctor without delay when something's not right! I knew immediately I would need a proper medical diagnosis, and likely some meds. The problem with many men is that they avoid the doctor like the plague (an intentionally ironic play on words).

    Regular visits are needed, too, and tests for things like HIV. You can't keep that fine machine of your body in peak operating condition without regular care, maintenance, checkups and tuneups.
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    Nov 07, 2017 11:51 PM GMT
    Oh, and I see the ENT specialist in a few days, and also a neurologist. My husband nudged our primary provider to additionally include a gastroenterologist referral, for a colonoscopy. I don't see the connection with my symptoms, but maybe it's his way of sticking it to me, quite literally, for all the drama I caused everyone, especially him. icon_sad.gif
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    Nov 11, 2017 1:54 AM GMT
    Today I got my blood work results - perfecto! The cholestrol and low sodium's under control. And the vertigo is almost entirely disappeared. Got an ENT visit this Monday, 11-13. My husband now feels more comfortable about removing his objections to taking our scheduled Key West trip later next week.
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    Nov 13, 2017 5:52 AM GMT
    That is great news. Unless you have had a heart attack and multi-bypass, you don't know how important health is. I had mine when I was 65, but through continued exercise and eating habits, I have been great for 13 years. I am still working as a Consultant full time. I have been able to keep sharp both physically and mentally. You are sure on the right track - just keep it up, in all ways.