The Secret to Progressives’ Electoral Success?
They didn’t just say NO to Trump, they offered a serious, affirmative agenda.

"There’s a common thread running through these victories: intensive organizing, combined with pavement-pounding, door-knocking and all the slow, steady labor that building power requires. Often the organizing took place under the aegis of Our Revolution, DSA, or the Working Families Party, but there were also instances, as in Lancaster, where activists came together on their own terms, in their own hyper-local organizations, to take back their cities. And these terms were significant. While the 45th president may have loomed large and threatening in the background of many campaigns, they weren’t just narrowly drawn reactions to Trump and Trumpism. They didn’t stop at “NO!” Rather, they were grounded in an affirmative politics, offering tangible ideas and real solutions to the problems plaguing their communities."