The New Portable Bar Was Delivered Today - He's Gonna Love It As A Christmas Gift

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    Dec 18, 2017 11:46 PM GMT
    It'll be good for outdoor picnics, too. He likes to take a portable bar with us when we travel, though not for himself. He drinks very little.

    Rather, it's to entertain friends. He loves to play host. What he's been using was rather unsatisfactory, in my opinion, so I hope I've corrected that. I trust he'll be pleased. First use will be mid-January in Key West. One guy will be staying in our second room, and another has his own private room. Plus I expect drop-in visitors.

    Completely insulated, it includes a fitted wood cutting block and knife & fork set for cheeses and cold meats. As well as a sommelier's corkscrew. The things's soft fabric, and has backpack straps to carry it on a picnic. I'd also like to take him outdoors, my favorite habitat. The suitcase bar style he currently has is awkard to tote any distance with its hard handle; a backpack is more suitable for a picnic site trek.

    I separately purchased some thermos bottles that fit into its various compartments perfectly. Before I wrap it I may have it embroidered with both our initials tomorrow, at the place where I have my golf bags personalized. He may get a kick out of that. A reminder to him that our love is forever.

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    Dec 20, 2017 10:37 PM GMT
    I bought champagne this morning. The 2 large bottles fit perfectly in the divided compartments of this new backpack bar. I'll chill them before we leave for Key West.

    We'll uncork them in Key West, after perhaps a brief additional cooldown in our kitchen freezer. I spoke with a friend today, and he told me where I can get some acrylic champagne glasses, along with wine and cocktail glasses, for our other uses during our week there. I prefer durable to thin disposble plastic used at parties.

    I won't travel with glass, in our modest conditions, nor use it in many outdoor places. I view this setting more in terms of outdoor picnicware. One makes allowances.

    I'll have champagne cocktails, if anyone even remembers or knows what those are. A 1950s fashion. At least for myself, not sure my husband will want them. He can have plain champagne if he prefers, or mimosas.

    My goal is to spoil him rotten. That's my duty, is it not?

    But silly drinks with fancy bars and vacations are nothing. My long-term plan is a bit more ambitious. I just have to keep him satisfied until then. The things yet coming take time...