Monday: Back - Wide grip pull downs, v grip pull downs, seated cable rows, back extensions, leverage pull downs, and straight arm lat pull downs.
Tuesday: Chest - Dumbbell or barbell bench, flyes, incline bench, cable iron cross, cable crossovers, around the worlds
Wednesday: Arms - supersets! Cable tricep extensions/cable curls, preacher curls/overhead barbell extensions, dips/concentration curls
Thursday: Legs - Full squats, linear leg press, seated calf raises, standing glute curls, leg extensions, hip adductor/abductor superset
Friday: Shoulders - Band warmups, single arm hammer overhead press, front and side raises, military press, seated reverse flyes, shrugs
5x5 for my main lifts (upper middle and lower back) and then picking and choosing one or two 4x12 for additional

What do you guys like to do? And feel free to rip my workouts apart if you think it will make me grow faster icon_wink.gif