Chart Reading - Question about 5th House being about pleasure

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    Jan 09, 2018 2:21 AM GMT
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    In my case it's all about this a common interpretation?

    Saturn is returning for me, and Jupiter in Scorpio is transiting my third house, so a lot is changing. My revelations about myself change daily. I'm lost but noticing the value of external validation I have and maybe we all have as a collective. I'm noticing how much I personalize...there is a strong need for me to be objective in how I see things at this time, but because my "self" is so crystallized it's hard to find a balance between confidence in self while trying to self-improve, and when to turn off my self interest or self identification and think collectively or objectively. I think this is the Leo/Aquarius axis.

    That was off topic a bit lol but the 5th house...I just realized how much of my decisions and my needs are centered around pleasure. I don't want work that isn't pleasurable like anyone else, but I literally struggle with balancing my need to be engulfed in pleasure and comfort. I don't identify with "This sucks but...gotta do what you gotta do". I just simply don't do it, unless I can do it comfortably. I want to live in a world where there is no struggle, free flowing fairy land where you can do anything you want and that isn't the reality of Earth is it? We have duties to our health, our material experience, and to the collective...

    The YOD in my chart is about the mind, pleasure, and balancing certain needs to get to the life that I create my life. This is everyone's need but my mind struggles with this in ways that go beyond words. My whole experience goes beyond words

    I just wanted to share to see if anyone else has anything to say about the 5th house or things you have figured out.

    Let's give a shout out to Jupiter in Scorpio for flipping everyone's world upside down. I know everyone is feeling this.

    I am a caged bird with a heavy key..but I'm singing still because it makes me feel good, and I always know the key is there.

    But now is the time to try to pick up the key...the right way, - not the easy way, not the struggling way, but in a balanced way. And the paradox is that "balance" IS the Everytime Sag transits (YOD transits) happen there's a question..balance or pleasure, balance or pleasure. I've never chosen balance in my life. I want feel good 24/7. I am chasing a high 24/7.
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    Jan 09, 2018 2:27 AM GMT
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    Is the 5th House all about pleasure? Looking at my notes, what I have for the 5th house are these items:

    Parents' feeling about child
    Family and children

    Love & Romance given (and received)
    Fun & Parties

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    Jan 09, 2018 3:14 AM GMT
    Charts and Map Astrologer

    Your decisions and needs are centered around pleasure, you say.

    Well you do have some powerful solar system objects in your 5th House: Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. And as you mentioned, you have a Saturn return approaching. All of this is the gravitational pull to satisfy the divine guests in your 5th House.

    However, neither your North Node nor your Sun is in the 5th House, so, please consider having your decisions and needs centered around your reason for incarnating or reincarnating.

    Second, Your Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are in the 10th House of Career and, Achievements. The 10th House could be a higher priority of your focus than your 5th house.

    I want to go back to my notes on the meaning of the 5th House. I'm updating it now because I just looked in my March and McEvers book "The Only Way to Learn Astrology, Volume I." March & McEvers lists sports as a House 5 item.

    Now, let's turn to March & McEvers, Volume III, Lesson 5: Fifth House Rulers.

    My notes say since you have a Capricorn 5th House, your Sign Ruler there would be Saturn and Saturn is there (in its domicile).

    Let's see what March & McEvers say.

    This house is still on the personal and subjective side of the horoscope: Me and Mine (House 1 and House 2) and my neighborhood and my home (House 3 and House 4) lead to House 5, my way of growing or reaching out just far enough to taste some of the pleasures and joys of what the world has in store for "me."

    The 5th house is represented by Leo and its *natural ruler* is the Sun, so here is where you want to shine.

    It is a house of life which brings with it the energy, enthusiasm and motivating power of Fire. (Yes, Leo is a Fire sign.) The warmth of Fire reaches out toward others which is why this is the house of love GIVEN. The love you give here is neither the affection of Venus nor the sexual drive of Mars; it is love from the heart, the Leo principle.

    With a Capricorn 5th House, Saturn OWNS your 5th House, not the natural owner/ruler. The Ruler/Owner of your 5th House is in the 5th House.

    What does that mean to March and McEvers?
    Depending on the aspects, of course, you can be a creative genius, especially in the fields of art, composing or performing music. You may find it difficult to settle for one area of expertise if Mercury, Mars, Aries, or Gemini are involved. Socially oriented, you like and need approbation (approval or praise); therefore, you are often "on stage," whether or not you are actually in the performing arts.

    Children will either be very important to you or they won't play any role at all in your life. With challenging aspects, you venture any dare and may well be attracted to risky pursuits. This placement often give an inordinate love of gambling, especially if the energy is not properly integrated into the chart.

    Your 5th House Uranus opposes Venus.
    Your 5th House Saturn opposes Mars. Even though Saturn is in domicile, it has an opposition.
    What?! It quincunxes the important Sun and it quincunxes the important Moon: your Wisdom does not communicate well with your being and your emotions. I don't like that.
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    Jan 10, 2018 3:14 AM GMT
    Astrology Wisdom
    from a woman, age 75

    (I'm 55 and do not know it all.)

    Over many years of experiencing my chart in-depth, I've learned a few things about our North Node. Once again, the best solutions in astrology are the simple ones, the recognition of energies and how to apply them for a more successful and hopefully happier life.

    What I found is that when I try to use the energies of my North Node at 8 Virgo in the 3rd House in any little way, to balance my tendency to be "all Pisces' from 8 Pisces South Node,
    some little reward for the day pops up as if to say, "Smart investment, Spiral, you now have an added deposit in your opportunity account for today."

    This can be any little thing about Virgo, about the 3rd House, or about the Sabian symbol at 8 Virgo, "An Expressionist Painter Making A Futuristic Drawing", "having a different perspective of life from most people and sharing it", "uncompromising self reliance and originality". All that is required for an improvement in my life is to make an effort to activate this energy. When I do, doors open to me that might have been closed before. People are pleased to accept my efforts here, they encourage me in this energy.

    Any writing for others is always a positive thing.

    My North Node is luckily in trine to my Venus-Moon conjunct in Taurus at 9 - 12 degrees. But any North Node placement you have in any aspect is where your luck and fortune resides.

    The opposite is true when I express my 8 Pisces energy of the South Node in my 9th House.. Being too emotional or being timid and shy when I was young, telling lies, doing sneaky things behind the scenes, and getting lost in fantasy games I would create outside pretending to ride horses , or fantasies inside about boys I had a crush on. Idealizing my absent father into someone he was not. My South Node ruled by my Sun-Mercury in the 12th squaring Neptune on the IC 4th cusp. South Node Sabian: "Jockey on a horse with intense energy." My Mars/Pluto in my 1st intensifies this energy.

    But as I grew up and my strong responsibility aspects of Saturn sextile Pluto, Saturn conjunct Part of Fortune, and Saturn trine Neptune, Saturn/Uranus in Gemini ruled by my Mercury there conjunct Jupiter in the 12th, I was able to rise above the dishonest tendencies and channel them into what those fortunate aspects give me, "the practical dreamer" , the idealistic spiritual worker, the original scholar who searched out mysteries of the universe.

    So for me, North Node in Virgo became the need to be more careful and orderly in my thinking, my scholastic research, and not to put impractical wishes (Pisces overflow) in the way of fact documented details. The one South Node tendency which has brought pain and suffering to my life has been my continued running after a possible great romance far away.
    South Node being sextile to my Venus/Moon in Taurus, it is easy and joyful to do.

    I requested of our mods here a few weeks ago to please include in our charts here the South Node as so many have said they forgot it was over there opposite the North Node, but no go. So it one of the things we must remember in any chart, because it represents the tendency we have to go that way and avoid our North Node potential. If you read the books of Jeffrey Wolf Green and Steven Forrest, they remind us that the North Node is where the evolving ego can activate, and the South Node is our past-formed ego we come through to this life with.

    Personally, when I read a chart, I automatically call the North Node THE POTENTIAL, and I call the South Node THE OVERFLOW. The North Node in the beginning when we are young is an empty energy place that yearns to be filled, and the South Node just has too much of where to put our attention often to our detriment. Exactly like everything in the Universe, they need to be balanced with equal energy toward each.

    We often read about certain chart placements bringing "a karmic bank account" of protection or luck or other helpful qualities that we have earned from past lives. Isabel Hickey centers her book "Spiritual Astrology" around this concept. She also talks of "karmic debts to pay". There has to be a lot to this, when you apply her excellent interpretations of aspects to charts of people you know.

    If you have Mars either sextile or trine Neptune, she says ,"Any deception from others will not avail with this aspect. There is a hidden protection and earned increment in the spiritual bankbook from other lives, and this individual will triumph over any hidden enemies." I have this, as does my daughter.
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    Jan 11, 2018 4:53 AM GMT
    In the original post Spiral 28 says

    or about the Sabian symbol at 8 Virgo, "An Expressionist Painter Making A Futuristic Drawing"

    When I look in the book The Sabian Symbols by Diana Roche 8 Virgo is "First Dancing Instruction"

    Same thing when I google Sabian Symbol Virgo 8.