What Am I Doing Wrong? (Photos Included)

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    Feb 18, 2018 5:44 PM GMT
    Hi guys,

    I'm 29 years old, 5'4 and 130lbs. I've been working out for many years. Despite that, I still seem to be very far from my goal of becoming more muscular and defined. (Think Zac Efron before he got really big.) I was also a fat kid, so I've always been hesitant to put on weight/fat.

    Below is a pic from Feb 2018. When I look at that pic I feel like I look skinny-fat and don't look like someone who's been lifting consistently for very long.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can put on more muscle and become more defined?

    For context, I workout 3-4x a week. I do a 3-day split and focus on compound moves (squats, presses, rows). I generally try to eat a balanced diet, but food could be one of my challenges.

    Any help would be appreciated, as I'm in a bit of a lull at the moment! Thanks.

    <a href=photo 2018 February - 130lbs.jpg">
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    Feb 18, 2018 7:18 PM GMT
    Looking at you I would have no idea you were once overweight. You did a very good job!

    How long have you been training? Diet is not a small detail, it's the biggest factor. Do you have a regular diet and meal schedule? Do you feel your appetite is bigger than it should be?

    Just to give you some perspective, I think you are really blessed for being 5'4:

    To match your current weight a 6'2 man would have to weigh 200lbs.
    If you gain 10lbs and reach 140lbs, a 6'2 man would have to weigh 216lbs to match.
    If you gain 20lbs and reach 150lbs, a 6'2 man would have to weigh 232lbs to match.