Inside Gaza’s Medical Tents: Dozens Killed, Thousands Injured | Times Documentaries

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    May 16, 2018 7:19 AM GMT


    Dozens were killed and thousands were injured after Israeli forces fired on protestors in Gaza. We drove with volunteer paramedics who transported the injured from the frontline to the hospital.

    Published by The New York Times on May 15, 2018
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    May 16, 2018 7:27 AM GMT
    New York Times, say no more.
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    May 16, 2018 6:00 PM GMT
    two_meninlove saidNew York Times, say no more.

    We don't need commentary from Pravda.
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    May 16, 2018 6:17 PM GMT
    86% of those killed in Gaza "massacre" were terrorists

    Pallywood: fake news revealed (From CBS News 60-Minutes)

    Hamas Admits It Lied About Casualties...
    Yet Some RJers Still Attempt To Spam & Perpetuate Those Propaganda Lies-For-The-Cause?!

    Hamas war crime: using Gazans as human shields

    Hamas's new strategy in wake of Iron Dome success and terror tunnel failures:
    inciting violence to hide its own shortcomings

    EU Passes Bill to Promote Anti-Hate Education in PA Schools;
    Europe to Hamas: Disarm and We'll Rebuild Gaza

    They aren't interested in rebuilding Gaza, only in destroying Israel!

    IF You Were A Bona Fide Victim Of "Apartheid", "Ethnic Cleansing", "Land Theft", "Starvation", "Massacres" Let Alone "Genocide", Would You Reject Out-Of-Hand A Compromise That Only Gave You 99.5%?

    Free Gaza from what truly afflicts it: Hamas
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    May 16, 2018 7:29 PM GMT
    Cumminsguy2 said
    two_meninlove saidNew York Times, say no more.

    We don't need commentary from Pravda.

    No we don't. But you leftist commies, give it anyways.
    A long with you I Hate Trump Propaganda Machine.
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    May 17, 2018 6:17 AM GMT
    Funny coming from mwoverine...

    I guess the Zionist supporters will claim Hamas sent Palestinian Christians and Priests to the Gaza march too right?
  • mwolverine

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    May 17, 2018 7:17 AM GMT
    Looks like a fake, the priest is a different resolution than the background.
    And the flag (is he even really holding it?) is blowing to the right whereas the smoke is blowing to the left.

    Yet even IF it is real, it is well known that in order to fit in, Palestinian Arab Christians (and the few remaining Gazan Christians) have to be "more Catholic than the Pope" when it comes to (in public) hating Israel and Jews.

    If the priest didn't go (and have pics taken of him), he might be branded a collaborator or traitor.


    || Over the centuries, political Islam has not been too kind to the native Christian communities living under its rule. Anecdotes of tolerance aside, the systematic treatment of Christians and Jews (who fall under the Islamic category of dhimmi ) as second-class citizens is abusive and discriminatory by any standard.

    || Christian communities native to the Middle East today exhibit the scars of centuries of inferiorization and marginalization. They constitute living relics of the ravages of a system that, although technically abolished in many modern Arab states, continues on the level of official as well as popular attitudes and practices. The Christians of the Holy Land, for example”Palestinian Christians”are symptomatic of this dhimmi genre and its attendant complexes.

    || Palestinian Christians have looked to Palestinian nationalism for a meeting ground with their Palestinian Muslim counterparts. This point of intersection has all too often been mythologized by intellectuals and clergymen who never tire of insisting that harmony has always prevailed between Muslims and Christians in Palestine.

    || This sentiment is motivated primarily by a desire for a unified position vis-a-vis Israel. But it also stems from a deeper dhimmi psychological state: the urge to find - or to imagine and fabricate if need be - a common cause with the ruling majority in order to dilute the existing religious differences and perhaps ease the weight of political Islam’s inevitable discrimination. The history of Palestinian Christianity has, for the most part, been no different from that of dhimmi Christianity throughout the Levant. Were Israel not in the picture the problem of dhimmi subservience would still exist for Palestinian Christians. And even with Israel as the perceived and proclaimed enemy of both Muslim and Christian Palestinians, the specter of dhimmi subjugation continues to lurk just below the surface. Palestinians, particularly Christians, get very agitated and defensive when confronted with reports of persecution of Christians by Muslim Palestinians. Their reflex attitude is to dismiss such reports as lies inspired by Israeli disinformation.

    || There are two big problems with this Palestinian Christian interpretation. First, it does not account for the subtle complexities and convoluted nuances of a region like the Middle East. Once again, removing Israel from the equation and satisfying the Palestinians beyond their wildest dreams would not eliminate the violence against non-Muslims inherent in political Islam. Second, this interpretation is not shared by the vast majority of the region’s Christians, whether dhimmi or free. Egyptian and Lebanese Christians, the largest and most significant Christian communities of the Arab world, do not share the same set of anxieties as the Palestinian Christians do. They know better than to believe that once the Palestinian problem is laid to rest all will be well.
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    May 18, 2018 7:00 AM GMT
    Honestly I can't stop laughing reading Leeron's post about the priest picture. I swear to God you have no idea what is like being a Palestinian Christian under Israel's illegal military rule.

    It is amazing how Leeron can blindly misleading others here what happen in Gaza. I am sure Pharaoh and beachcomber96 have been exposed torrent after torrent of Leeron's self-contradictions and political lies-for-the-cause...

  • mwolverine

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    May 18, 2018 7:58 AM GMT
    Sam27> Palestinian Christians and Priests to the Gaza march

    AyaTrolLiar> This particular priest is demonstrating in the West Bank


    The clever-by-half fool has unwittingly undermined Sam's point.

    Even if the photo is real, it's not what it was purported to be - which isn't real.
    (I smelled a rat, the AyaTrolLiar effectively argued it was at best a different rat than I suspected.)

    AyaTrolLiar> I never said it was taken in Gaza

    No one said you had.
    Sam27 presented it as "evidence" of Christian priests IN GAZA.
    It was a lie - which the AyaTrolLiar inadvertently exposed.

    AyaTrolLiar> your flailing desperation, pretending to detect discrepancies (pixel resolutions... the wind... the flag

    The "flailing desperation" was Sam27's lie about the photo, not me trying to figure out what the lie was.
    I knew it wasn't in Gaza, as he claimed, so figured it was photoshopped.
    The AyaTrolLiar's admission the photo was taken elsewhere proved me right.

    There are tons of fraudulent photos out there, from other conflicts and even from horror movies, claiming to show Israeli "brutality". If I claimed a photo from Iraq or Syria was photoshopped or from a horror movie does it make the photo any less fraudulent even if I erred in the reason it is fraudulent?

    AyaTrolLiar> disproves your lie that Palestinians in the West Bank haven’t demonstrated

    No one made that claim, either. Hamas predicted that 100,000+ would protest on Monday. They didn't.
    They called on and predicted similar "demonstrations" in Lebanon and Jordan. Didn't happen, either.
    Even in Gaza they only managed 40,000 on Monday and 4,000 on Tuesday.
    This Friday is essentially back to being quiet. The "demonstrations" are over and will soon be forgotten.
    Hamas managed to have 50 of its members killed, and 10 others. Some accomplishment, eh?

    For those who figured that the masses would overrun the Israeli border patrol and cause mayhem in Israel, it was too appealing not to pursue and defend.
  • mwolverine

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    May 18, 2018 7:59 AM GMT
    AyaTrolLiar> Arab Christians

    Glad we agree they are Arabs.

    The Emergence of Palestinian Arab Nationalism

    AyaTrolLiar> Palestinians are the authors of their national movement and the authorities on their narrative.

    So we should ignore what is written by what he previously claimed was "the foremost authority" on the subject?
    When he was quoting him out-of-context and reversing what he was saying?
    This after repudiating his previous expert (after being caught warping what he said, too).

  • mwolverine

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    May 18, 2018 8:01 AM GMT
    Why are Palestinian Arab Christians so different from Israeli Arab Christians in their outlook?
    [Edit: the point here isn't if their claims are correct or not, but their "outlook".]

    || I have the privilege of being a Greek Orthodox priest from Nazareth in the Galilee. My people have mistakenly been called “Christian Arabs,” but the reality is that we are Arameans, descendants of people who lived here in Israel since the time of the Bible.

    || I embrace Zionism, Jewish sovereignty in Israel, and the tolerance, respect and opportunity for all that have grown out of that sovereignty. I believe that our youth—Christian youth—should fully integrate into Israeli society. Part and parcel of that integration includes serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israel’s Army, or undertaking some other form of national service that Israel routinely provides for teenagers.

    || Clearly, these NGOs have no interest in seeing Christian Arabs become part of Israeli society. Much like the Arab countries that have used Palestinians in various refugee camps as pawns in fighting the State of Israel, these NGOs are content to reduce my community to cannon fodder in their efforts to de-legitimize Israel.

    || So my community is effectively being told to fight for their continued marginalization by Israeli society, even though it is the Israeli government’s goal to bring them more fully into the mainstream. Doesn’t the Christian community deserve the right to follow our own will and integrate, if it so chooses, into Israeli society? Not according to most of the NGOs that say they are assisting our community.

    || As a priest, I am distressed by this unwillingness to promote the welfare of individuals in the name of a monolithic group identity, whose goals and objectives can be set by those who might have very little in common with the community they supposedly represent.

    || As Christians in Israel survey the situation of our brethren in the wider Middle East, we are appalled by the persecution that so many have experienced in Egypt, Syria and Iraq, among others. Truly, it has only been in Israel where Christians can fully practice our faith and can be productive members of society.

    || It is important that Christians around the world understand that Jewish Israel has been a responsible steward for its Christians. We should be supported, and not demonized for our efforts to more fully join this benevolent society.

    He also references the territories of Judea & Samaria as such, rather than the former so-called "West Bank" of Trans/Jordan (of 19 years, ending 51 years ago). As those of us whose history dates back thousands of years have been doing for thousands of years.