What was your most embarrassing moment in the gym?

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    Oct 18, 2007 1:33 AM GMT

    A little while back I was getting in position to do dumbbell pullovers, the weight was kinda heavy and I am not, so when I positioned myself on the bench ( I didn't anchor my feet) and let the weight fall back for the stretch - down went the dumbbell and up and over went my feet and I basically flipped backwards over the bench.

    Of course I jumped up right away like Inspector Clouseau and acted as if I intended to do it that way.

    Thank God the gym wasn't that busy.

    Safe workouts always
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    Oct 18, 2007 11:40 AM GMT
    i had my back on a stability ball and i was doing dumbell shoulder presses. when i increaed the weight i lost my balance and went head over heels. i too was lucky that no one was really there. but i still felt like a moron
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    Oct 18, 2007 11:50 AM GMT
    Well, it wasn't really embarrassing, but it got me a lot of unexpected attention...

    I was working out at the gym by myself when the barbell I was using to do bench presses missed the rung I was trying to put it on and came crashing down on my head! No joke! Luckily, someone else just happened to turn their head and see it happen, and rushed over to get the thing off of me. I never lost consciusness or visual acuity, but MAN did that hurt! So as you can see, it left a pretty good gash in my head, which I am happy to report healed a long time ago and left no scar.

    Still, I am really grateful that it was not worse. As my buddy Joe from South Boston put it (and these are his words): "Ya lucky ya aint in da ICU droolin' like a ve-jet-able with toobs comin' outta ya clumsy ass!"

    Inelegantly, but accurately put, Joe. But he is 100% right. Guess I do indeed have Someone looking out for me. and I indeed learned a lesson from this... Next time, have a spotter nearby

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    Oct 18, 2007 12:09 PM GMT
    LOL @ Sahems 'Joe' comment! icon_lol.gif

    I tried taking my sweat shirt off whilst walking on a treadmill with disastrous results. It wasn't pretty!
  • art_smass

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    Oct 18, 2007 4:06 PM GMT
    I was once getting ready to teach a class in a studio that was separated by these retractable room dividers. Each one of the dividers had a mechanism that locked it into the floor so that it wouldn't move after it was opened. The mechanism was operated with a plastic-coated metal cable attached to a metal handle. As you pulled the handle towards you, the locking mechanism lifted away from the floor, and then you could move the whole divider to a closed position.

    I pulled the handle (as I had done a hundred times before) and the whole cable snapped, causing my fist to also snap back. I hit myself in the face with the metal handle, knocking myself onto my ass, knocking myself unconscious for a few seconds, and splitting open my face under my eyebrow.

    All the people waiting to take my class were watching. I really don't remember what happened, but I came back to consciousness with blood pouring down my face and a sore butt.

    When people notice the scar I tell them that I punched myself in the head.
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    Oct 18, 2007 11:22 PM GMT
    Not exactly the gym, but related...
    The first time I went for a swim in a warm ocean was in Florida. It was a real novelty because I had never been in the surf before without a heavy wet suit. I went for a tumble in a moderate-sized wave, and was surprised when it stripped the baggy shorts right off me! I never did find them. I had to make a dash for my towel, at the back of the beach.
  • GQjock

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    Oct 18, 2007 11:29 PM GMT
    This also shows how gay I am...

    I had gotten out of the shower and I guess I was rushin to get dressed and I didn't realize that I dropped some moisturizer on the floor...
    needless to say when I put my socks on I did a not so elegant Tom Cruise ... Risky Business slide across the locker room floor
  • Timbales

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    Oct 23, 2007 12:52 AM GMT
    Probably the time in kickboxing when the instructor had us try something new. She had us lay stomach down on a stability ball, then told us to rock forward so our hips were on the ball.

    Well, I hadn't done this before, rolled foward and it compressed my balls up against me. I fell off to the side with a yelp, and being the only guy in the class, no one had a clue why.
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    Nov 07, 2007 12:41 AM GMT
    It didn't happen to me, but I'd think that's the worst embarrassment ever.

    our gym has a huge indoor pool taht's visible from the general gym area. One day i was going to swim, and warm myself up in the steam room in the men's shower. a guy in there was all nude, walking around as if he own the place, kinda annoying. anyway, i went out to swim. and when i took a break, everyone from the pool to the jacuzzi, all the people were screaming, because the old guy in the steam room walk out to the pool, forgot that he was not wearing anything.

    the poor guy was half way to the jacuzzi when he noticed all the screaming, and quickly, almost slip, went back in to the men's shower. later i went back to the steam room, he was still standing there, sighing and totally red.
  • EricLA

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    Nov 07, 2007 12:58 AM GMT
    I usually just work out with dumbells and weight machines because I'm a small guy. A few years ago, I ran into a friend and he wanted me to spot him doing some incline chest presses with a barbell. He offered to then spot me, and we guessed how much weight I could lift. Well, we both overestimated and one arm buckled at the elbow and the weight plates slid off that side then, because the bar was unbalanced, the bar tilted to the other side and those plates dropped to the floor. Fortunately, the gym floor was padded. But, it still made noise and everyone turned to see what was going on. My friend and I had a good laugh over it. I don't think I trusted his spotting skills again.
  • liftordie

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    Nov 07, 2007 4:19 AM GMT
    about a month ago i went to do plate shrugs. i hold one in each hand. they are rubberized so they have a hole on each side to move them with. i go over to the weight tree and notice two on the same post side by side. i also noticed a small space dividing them. what i did not notice was the 10 pound plate that was hidden in between them. i pull one 45 plate off with my left hand at the same time i pull one 45 plate off with my right. so no free hand to catch the 10 pounder as it drops to the floor and right onto my big toe on my left foot. since i am a total PUMA whore, the protection my gym shoes offered by toe was minimal to say the least. it hurt worse than just about any feeling in my life. i had two choices.....A....throw up from the agony...or B...cry like a six year old girl. fuck it. i opted for number 2 !!! not too many people were around to see the scene, even tho the ten pounder rolled about 10 feet in a nice wide circle before coming to rest in the middle of the walk area. i sat down on the nearest selectorized machine until the throbbing subsided enough and the tears, which i hoped would be construed as good old shoulder workout sweat, subsided enough for me to make my escape to the locker room!!!
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    Nov 07, 2007 4:33 AM GMT
    Trying to "catch the soccer ball." I was eight.
  • hotelbistud

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    Nov 07, 2007 12:42 PM GMT
    doing biceps curls on the cable machine with the str8 bar on the floor, starting at waist level...well every time i would lower it back to start position it would hit my, ummm, and well it got ummm, hard ....every dang time. i was so embarrsed. oh and the next day same thing happend on the stationary bike. that i will not ride again, because for whatever reason it happens when i get on it and start going. icon_eek.gif
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    Nov 18, 2007 2:31 AM GMT
    doing crunches with my female personal trainer holding my feet and not being able to stop myself from breaking wind....LOUDLY....
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    Nov 18, 2007 7:25 AM GMT
    OK so here goes, I was in the college gym with a few of my friends in class, that don't know I am bisexual. One of the guys was talking about he was at the gym and started talking to a guy that he found out later was gay. He said it made him feel uncomfortable. I think some people in my class know about me so. I feel some of the guys are uncomfortable around me, not that they have anything to worry about. Most of them are younger than me and in better shape also they are not very mature. I am pretty embarrassed thinking that some of the guys I work out with see me differently, and that is why the story came about in the first place. I am not the type of guy that just comes out and shares with everyone I am bisexual, but I guess that would stop everyone from guessing. I am masc and don't feel that my sexuality is my whole persona so if they ask, I answer honestly if I want them to know. Alot of the straight guys around here are such homophobes. You really have to be kinda leary with some guys here in TN.
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    Dec 14, 2007 12:39 AM GMT
    I was getting ready to do some cable pull-downs and i took the pin out to adjust it to the weight i wanted and the the cable and the attachment (a long bar for wide-grip pulldowns) dropped and hit me on the head. Apparently this cable machine was broke and no one had bothered to tell me that you had to hold the plates down when you remove the pin lest they fall and hit you. Not many people saw it happen but my head hurt for a good minute.
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    Jan 15, 2008 8:49 PM GMT
    Doing dumbbell lateral raises for shoulders (side flyes). When I came down I caught the head of my wanker inbetween the dumbbell plates. It was kind of hard to hide that one.
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    Jan 15, 2008 9:04 PM GMT
    I got boner while riding the recumbent bike and the guy next to me noticed. But at least he didn't point and giggle.
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    Jan 16, 2008 1:13 AM GMT
    RBY71 saidI got boner while riding the recumbent bike and the guy next to me noticed. But at least he didn't point and giggle.

    LOL me too, now I try to avoid sitting next to anyone when i ride bike.
  • geebus

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    Jan 16, 2008 6:40 AM GMT
    scottNV saidDoing dumbbell lateral raises for shoulders (side flyes). When I came down I caught the head of my wanker inbetween the dumbbell plates. It was kind of hard to hide that one.

    LMAO!!! omg I'm actually crying from the laughter!

    Oh when I was doing crunches shirtless on a yoga mat. Evertime I came back down a loud farting noise would emit from the (haunted?) mat. The worst part is that I do my crunches intensely and my facial expression and redness apparently matches the noises...hmm...
  • bigguysf

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    Jan 16, 2008 7:52 AM GMT
    This was a pretty embarrassing episode...

    I was fighting a cold a couple of years ago, so I decided to give the Zicam nose spray a try to help fight it off. The package said that nosebleeds were a possible side effect, but who really reads that stuff anyway.

    So I'm sitting in the sauna at Golds with, thankfully, just one other guy. I'm feeling pretty good after my workout, relaxing with my eyes closed and getting a good sweat going when all of a sudden the other guy taps me and says, "dude, you're bleeding".

    I opened my eyes and looked down to see my whole just covered in red... my blood. icon_eek.gif Mortified, I quickly thanked him and got into a shower as quick as I could.
    How embarrassing and completely NOT sexy can you get: naked and covered with blood in the gym sauna!!!
  • KansasColt09

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    Jan 16, 2008 8:00 AM GMT
    I've been lifting for a while, and the regulars at the gym at least recognize me for always being around, and one time I was doing an overhead tricep extension with a cable machine and I had set an extra 5lbs on the weights and didn't realize how light it was-

    I extended really hard and sent the 5lbs weight flying after an extremely loud clank as the weights hit the top....whoops! icon_redface.gif I didn't know what to do but just grab the 5lbs off the floor and put it back up and change the weight and go on with the exercise!
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    Jan 19, 2008 7:23 PM GMT
    I was running on the treadmill at the busiest time during the day and the guy next to me (who was mindblowingly cute) kept glancing/staring at me for some reason...so I got distracted...lost my pace and overstepped the strap on the machine thus putting my foot on the plastic guard thingy...lost my balance, fell to my knees and went sliding right off the treadmill onto the ground with the ppl around me staring and me red from embarassment. I got up right away and tried to pretend like nothing happened but still...now i keep note of where my foot is going while running
  • jock_1

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    Jan 20, 2008 12:59 PM GMT
    it was at the pool at my gym. it is a co-ed gym and I was doing some laps. needless to say there were some hot girls along with some other folks (parents with kids, old timers, some dudes. so trying to show off I decided I wouldnt use the steps to get out, instead I tried to pop out of the pool real quick, macho style by using my hands at the edge to sprigboard up and out....well I made it out of the pool but my swim shorts didnt. the string must have come undone and there I was for a brief but seemingly forever few seconds. I know alot of people saw from the silence.

    you seen of those southwest airline comercials that say.."want to get away?"...that was my moment
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    Jan 20, 2008 1:38 PM GMT
    ok, well I was already horned up. normally I nut before the gym, but I hadn't had the time on this particular morning. so I get there and there is this girl (ya, I know...a GIRL!) who is really hot and has a smoking body and she's really touchy feely with me. She's always like "Morning baby," and grabbing my shoulder or she'll walk by me and rub my back...whatever. its normally not a problem but of course on that morning it became one. Now the guy I workout with is TOTALLY hot...I mean Men's Health Cover Model hot..but also totally str8 (so far, heh heh).

    anyway, me and my friend are warming up on the elliptical machines and this girl comes over to say hello. I can see her walking toward me and I start to get wood. when she gets over to me she says hi and puts her hand on my bicep...for whatever reason the body contact at that point was too much and I got a full stiffy. as you may know from my previous posts, I generally dont wear underwear, lol...the girl didnt seem to notice, but my friend did...and he started laughing.

    ok, so I get my shit under control by the time we get off the ellipticals..and we go workout..everything is fine. I had started us on this ab exercise where one guy does crunches on a swiss ball while the other guy punches his ab muscles...it hits your abs really deep and as a bonus I get to put my hands all over his abs...especially the LOWER abs, lol.

    so we start doing this exerise toward the end of our workout and OF COURSE I get hard again, but this time its all me laying on a swiss ball with my cock standing at full attention, lol...luckily my workout partner is cool and he was like "dude...are you hitting on me?" and started laughing.

    I told him it might be a good idea to skip that exercise for the day...