What the hell love is??

  • Mondo_Bongo

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    Mar 18, 2009 5:24 PM GMT
    its just bullshit,their words are full of shits!love = sex in fact!!!!
    and do you know what is true love????
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    Mar 18, 2009 6:34 PM GMT

    Love does not = sex! I mean, you love your mom and....well, I won't even finish the thought. Sex and love couldn't be farther apart: sex is a combination of mental processes, chemical reactions, and physical manipulation icon_redface.gif. Love on the other hand: you could be totally dead to the world, numb from the neck down, and still feel, receive, and reciprocate love.
    I sense a familiar mistake. Are you trying to find love in a gay bar or are you trying to fill a void with the affections of a man. Every child deserves to be loved and if because of circumstances out of your control, you didn't get that love from your parents, no man can totally remedy that. First, if that is indeed what happened, you need to admit you weren't loved fully by your parents and then decide you'll accept love, but completely apart from that void because noone can ever fill it. That's like a wound that never healed and only time can heal it. No person can.

    If I missed that mark above, if you are looking for love at a gay bar, you won't find it there. Gay bars are cheap, places guys go to stroke and have their egos stroked in the most superficial and insignificant fashion possible. Noone could love you there, but they could lust you and that's basically all you'll find in such a place.

    If you really want love, open yourself to love and free yourself of whatever keeps you from giving people love. You need to realize that love is not in certain places like not at gay bars or in the hearts of every man. You gotta search for it and go to places it lives. I think getting involved with the community is the best start I could recommend. There are tons of events and the men who attend them have tons of interest beyond sex all the time. Community minded men are far more stable, having fully accepted their orientation and far less hung up on "stereotypes" or this obsession with them that you find in the clubs.

    If there is a PRIDE group in your area or a gay men's chorus, sewing circle, whatever! Seek it out and you'll see what I mean. I don't guarantee you'll meet Mr. Right, but you will meet a load of great guys and they have friends, which one could be good for you. I suggest this and people turn up their noses, but it's worth a start and it couldn't hurt. Besides, you may not find a man but getting involved with your community could aid toward feeling that void until he turns up.
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    Mar 19, 2009 2:44 AM GMT
    sometimes love is blind! u paid lots of love to these guys.but they just lied u again and again! have you ever asked him:do you love me from your heart??
    when he said yes,thats bullshit! anyway,lots of hot guys on RJ! they are awesome!~lol