Time + Energy = Distance?

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    Apr 03, 2009 1:23 AM GMT
    I use an elliptical machine to do my cardio and I'm noticing that I'm starting to reach more distance in the same amount of time. I've started hitting the 3 mile mark in 35 minutes. I also walk back and forth to work, 1.5 miles in one direction - a walk I've gotten down to 20 minutes. I was using the treadmill but I've gotten shin splints so I'm taking a break from that.

    I use the stairs all the time at work unless I'm with co-workers which is few and far between. I'm surprised at the energy levels I have to do these things. Especially the stairs which at first was a chore to climb and now I'm taking them like a machine, jogging them not just taking them slowly.

    I take it this is normal to gain more distance with the more time you spend on cardio. So what's everyone else's records for distance within a specific time period? What did you start out at within that same time period and where are you now?

    ***and don't tell me to start using the treadmill again...it kills my shins and getting a day off to see the doctor is like asking for a raise...it happens once a year, LOL*** icon_wink.gif

    PS - for curiosity's sake, the apartment complex's fitness room is equipped with Precor machines for Cardio
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    Apr 03, 2009 2:26 AM GMT
    Runners, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, and other endurance athletes live and train for those types of milestone. The ever elusive Personal Record.

    The furthest I've gone and the fastest I've done it was a half marathon in just under an hour and a half (about 6:52/mile). My first half marathon was run in 1:51 4 years ago (about an 8:29 pace) so I'm guesstimating that at an hour and a half during the first one I was probably right around 10-11 miles.

    All of the footwork you're doing is adding toward your aerobic base, as well as strengthening your muscles getting you there so it's no surprise that as you get into better shape you're seeing improvements as you build endurance.