Hello, I just joined up and need some guidance. I realize it is a site for gay people IN shape, but I could use some help getting there! =p

Im 18 years old, 6'4" and have been somewhat overweight all of my life. I finally realized that I was only months from going off to college and I want to look and feel great for my first time on my own and being open as myself. I began to eat better and excercise starting about two weeks ago. I started at 216-218 lbs and am down to 206-207 lbs.

I quickly realized that being only 18 years old, losing weight can be very simple and fast just by cutting cals and exercising lightly. For excercising I rotate with walk/jogging with my dog, biking, and jump rope. After, I try to do pushups and stuff. I prefer not to go to the gym and like the outdoors much better (though I may consider a gym membership if I lose enough weight by summer to begin muscle toning.. which im fairly clueless about). I'd say I excercise 25-35 minutes a day 6 days a week.

Eating right has been very easy because I have been on spring break but I go back tomorrow to school (high school) and I need advice on what i can eat for breakfast before school, what I can get for lunch from the grocery store (my friends and I go to the grocery store for lunch everyday). Also if I should bring snacks for during the schoolday for before and after lunch.

Any help with my exercise and eating plans would be very helpful =) I'm very motivated and proud of myself so far and hope soon I can post my own pictures.