Divers' Training!

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    Apr 07, 2009 11:36 PM GMT
    Ok, if the likes of Alexandre Despatie are any indication, divers have absolutely the most phenomenal bodies! IMO they're perfectly defined with the perfect amount of muscle and perfect amount of body fat. How do they reach this zen?

    Diving doesn't look like the most physically demanding sport by any means. How do divers train though? I suppose it's more than just jumping off the board over and over again, no?

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    Apr 08, 2009 12:04 AM GMT
    diving can and is a very demanding physically, while under sometimes great excursion from water currants you have to try and breath conservatively especially at great depths when you haven't the surface to reach for if you run out..

    Mind you, these things are all calculated, monitored and checked often, very often.

    But alas, while some divers have great bodies, many do not... unless you diving extreme or you've other interestes outside of diving, generally there nothing special, most aren't fat, but they aren't generally muscular either...

    Take up diving.. I assure you, you'll get an eye full of some real fugly!
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    Apr 08, 2009 12:16 AM GMT



    The second kind often have backgrounds in swimming or gymnastics or both.
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    Apr 08, 2009 12:43 AM GMT

    Ya, I totally meant the 2nd kind of diving. Like Olympic diving.
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    Apr 08, 2009 3:52 AM GMT
    I dove for a year in high school while also on the swim team, but I had to stop because tall guys make horrible divers. But the part of diving training that makes you look like Alexandre Despatie is very similar to the weight training workouts of other sports. Lots of squats, shoulder strength, core strength... The rest of it is all diving technique, and like lilTanker said, you don't have to be a super-lean hunk of a man to have good diving technique.
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    Apr 08, 2009 4:05 AM GMT
    Upfront disclaimer: I have never been a diver. But they are damn hot. I do watch the Olympics obsessively, and they often do profiles of the athletes.

    Training for diving is a lot like training for gymnastics. The athletes do primarily body weight exercises, many of which are a lot harder than you might think. For example, try hanging from a bar, keeping your knees perfectly straight, your upper body motionless, and bending at the waist to bring your feet up to your hands. Most of us who aren't divers or gymnasts will struggle to reliably bring our legs up 90 degrees; 180 is incredibly demanding.

    Virtually all of the acrobatic sports also require very short bursts of explosive power. Plyometrics isn't a bad way to get toward that.