So...the other day, i had to stay home to receive my brother (he has special needs, goes to a day-rehabilitation program) when the bus (a white mini school bus) drops him off. So the bus comes and he gets off and as he's getting off the bus, this man pulls up behind the bus, comes out of the car red in the face...yelling....saying "the man driving this bus is an unsafe driver" Apparently this guy had been following the bus for the past hour while calling the number on the back of the bus to report the driver. My house is the 4th stop on the route and this man had been getting off at each stop and warning the families. Apparently the bus driver had cut off this man on the highway and had been swirving and stopping short while driving. When i spoke to the driver...he was a disoriented elderly gentleman...he just seemed a little out of it. So I thanked this man and called the bus company myself and gave them a good tongue lashing for having an incompetent driver while the guy that had been following the bus flagged down a cop and got the situation handled. The driver was changed the next morning.

Anyways..the point of this story is was to share something that kinda touched my heart and reinforced by belief in the goodness of people. This man's actions, which seemed ordinary to him" were VERY VERY extra ordinary to me. I'd have no idea what was happening if it want for him.

Does anyone else have and example of a stranger doing something they consider pretty extra ordinary for you or someone you know???