I'm not really the type to engage in a lot of small talk when hanging out with someone I may like or even friends, but that doesn't mean I'm totally locked in my shell. I would be considered an ambivert

Anyway, I was hanging out with I guy I kinda like and everything seemed fine until he told me that I don't really like to indulge. I always found it easier not to overindulge with small talk because I may not have a lot to say and I don't want to seem awkward in any given social situation, especially if I'm out with someone who is naturally more outgoing.

When people point out these things I feel that something is wrong me and that I have to change in order to seem more interesting and not so introverted; this makes it more difficult because the two of us are going to hang out tomorrow and I feel that no matter what I say or don't say I'll still come across as boring and/or awkward.

Any advice will greatly appreciated?