Recently I wrote an article about increasing muscle mass that I thought might help some guys here...

Eating more frequently but smaller meals throughout the day, you will see your lower abs get more definition and your arms and chest get bigger. The concept is that your muscles can only absorb so many nutrients and amino acids they need to recover and grow at one time. Therefore, if you keep feeding them throughout the day you will provide them with everything they need to grow quicker.

The best thing about this is that now you will know how to gain muscle mass with less frustration at the gym. And you know what more muscle means?

A quicker metabolism! Muscles use glycogen or “sugars” for energy, so the more muscle you have, the more your body will be burning those sugars and of course reducing their ability to convert into fat. It’s a complete WIN-WIN situation!

Lean how to gain muscle mass = learn how to increase metabolism = learn how to reduce body fat!

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