My Diet!!

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    Apr 21, 2009 7:28 PM GMT
    hello guys!!!

    well,i started 2 month ago now playing this amazing game DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) along with dieting icon_biggrin.gif i was at 87KG before 2months and now im at 67KG and im still working on it..........about the game some poeple maybe heard of it and some dont know about it.....

    its a game with a board called dancing performance where u can dance on it and hit the arrows icon_twisted.gif i really suggest for the fat peoples to play it if they dont wanna walk. also here is my list of food...... i know this isnt much but when i eat them i feel like full drumicon_eek.gif

    2 toasts in every meal also drink 8-12 glass of water per a day

    BREAK FAST: 1 boiled egg 2 toast and a cup of green tea.

    LUNCH: small piece of fried chicken or fish -2 toast -cup of salad -any kind of fruit include water melon - strawberry - orange -grapes.

    DINNER: 2 toast - 1 fruit -boiled egg or anything light without oil of course and if u are starving better to eat veggies.

    i hope i was useful enough


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    Apr 21, 2009 10:16 PM GMT
    pizza, chocolate, coffee
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    Apr 22, 2009 6:35 PM GMT
    Way to go on making the decision to change your life! It is not an easy first step and you've really hit the ground running. I think you are on the right track but you need a little bit of revision in your nutrition.

    You aren't eating enough.

    You don't have enough of anything in your diet. Yes you are creating a calorie deficit and you will loose weight however I don't think you will be happy with what you see. You are not providing your body with the ability to hold on to the muscle mass that you currently have. When you loose that muscle mass you will begin to look flabby and soft and you will have slowed down your metabolism, meaning that you will be susceptible to putting on body fat much easier than before when you do over eat or quit this particular nutritional route.

    Most people are overfed and undernourished. Meaning they take in way too many calories a day yet don't get any of their real nutritional needs met. Here is an sample day of what I eat and what has helped me loose the 50 plus pounds of body fat on my frame:

    5:45am Oatmeal, Whey Protein, Cinnamon, Splenda
    8:30am Cottage Cheese, Yogurt
    11:15am Chicken Breast, Whole Grain Roll, Greens and ff mayo
    2:00pm Chocolate Mint Meal Replacement Shake
    5:00pm Salmon, Broccoli and Brown Rice
    7:45pm Peaches and Cream: Vanilla SF instant pudding mix, Skim milk, Vanilla Whey and a chopped peaches

    Essentially I am eating one portion of protein and one portion of complex carbs at every meal and I pair vegetables with two of those meals.

    It works really well and best of all, I can do this the rest of my life. However I still have one day a week where I throw the rules and eat whatever I want.