I want to know how do you guys prepare for anal sex. I know that I like to douche (not actually douche but more of feminine term we bottoms sometimes use). I sometimes use an enema and then I just keep refilling the bottle with water and using it until the water comes out crystal clear. I know it can take a long time sometimes. lol but hey no one wants a shitty dick...So post your routine on how you prepare anally. The only reason why I ask this is because I've ran into guys who say that they dont clean out their asss, they say that having regualr bowel movements is enough. But I just want to know that cant possibly be clean because it's still going to have a smell to it. When I douche and get it clean, it smells like water.lol Give your opinion guysRESIZED TEXT GOES HEREicon_question.gificon_question.gif