Hey guys,

It seems that workout buds can be hard to find for reasons that include finding someone at the same gym, someone you get along with, coordinating schedules 3,4,5x a week, etc. So, I just thought maybe making some online buds that would want to keep each other motivated would be a good substitute. I think of it as an online workout buddy. But, no big commitment! We'd use twitter.com as a way to blog each other & keep each other motivated. Here's how the blogs might look:

Hey so & so, what's up? This week checked my body fat, lost 1%. I'm so happy!
Hey so & so, I've gained 10 lbs. Any thoughts how I could lose it.
Just worked out at the gym, did 30m cardio, lifted a lot of weight, ate great today, man I feel great!
Hey so & so, I feel kinda lazy & only went to the gym once this week. I could use a kick in the butt.

or.....the list goes on. I think you guys get the idea. If anyone is interested in having an online workout buddy, just do the following at the end of this post. Again, no big commitment! Blogging 1x per day, week, month, year...whatever you can do. This is just a way for us to help each other to reach our fitness goals & to maintain them.

Good luck with your workout everyone!


How to join the online workout buddy group:

Just go to twitter.com & create a new a/c (it’s free & takes a minute or two to do). Then scroll to the bottom of your homepage & click the search button. Type in my username: sabsinla . You'll see my blogs. Click on my username sabsinla, then click follow (this link is under my picture), that’s it. Then, just sign on to twitter.com, click on my profile under the heading: People you’re following. You can see my blogs, blogs of others in the group & submit blogs. FYI: I just setup this twitter account for the purpose of our online workout buddy group; so if you have a problem finding my profile, just shot me an e-mail thru realjock.com with your user name & I’ll add you myself.