New Goals!

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    May 03, 2009 10:40 PM GMT
    After a few years off, I'm back training, and it feels great. I had to put some time between me and my sport (cross-country skiing) to get my head turned around, and to take care of a lot of projects. But now I can go back to it feeling refreshed and eager, and I've decided: this year I am going to race again. Not to win, at my age and after the years off - but to get out there and do it, and push myself.

    It's odd - I don't feel "competitive" any more, but I want to be in there. I won't be pushing to beat everyone, but to see what I can still do.

    Anyone else have something of the same experience?
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    May 04, 2009 7:54 AM GMT
    Right on - u go bud! Similar experience with marathoning, i go in waves, i find it really tough to motivate myself for the disciplined training i need to do to finish in a respectable time so after a marathon i tend to lay off for a few years. Then i start to feel the need to get out again, this need doesn't translate into immediate action, i usually have to let it build up to finally move my ass into the serious training required.

    I can totally relate to what you say about winning and being competitive. As i've gotten older i compete more against myself and less against my cohort - but i still find myself getting caught up in the competitive nature of races icon_smile.gif
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    May 04, 2009 4:28 PM GMT
    Well, to be honest, I suspect that the moment the man says "Go!" I'll be back in competitive mode, trying to pick 'em off one by one. But the over-all goal is to be doing it, not winning it.

    I used to put so much of my self-worth into winning or not, that it wore me out when I started getting slower with age - now I can enjoy it and let the younger guys win. But with good technique and a regular training plan now, I know I can kick as and take a few names!

    One of my friends used to say "Some people train so they can compete; I think I compete so I can train." Right on! icon_biggrin.gif

    Thanks for your note!