"DRUNKEN EVENTS" Pt. II What was your weirdest experience with a Drunk?

  • HndsmKansan

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    May 06, 2009 12:30 AM GMT
    The "Happy Drunk, Angry Drunk" thread got me to thinking... what is your
    most interesting experience with someone who was drunk...that um you can remember?

    For me.. other than dealing with an older brother who I discovered has been an alchoholic for years... my most interesting experience was at a gay friends 40th birthday party. I don't drink, but the place was full of gay men
    who were smashed.... I had two come onto me and got into this friendly argument about my ass..... I was nice enough and ended up leaving. When I mentioned it to them a few days later... they remembered nothing...
    I loved it.. you could see the nervousness .. the beads of sweat... LOL
    It was all in fun....
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    May 06, 2009 2:59 AM GMT
    I was invited to attend a party with a lesbian colleague, about 20years older. She brought her dog along and was completely smashed, so we left early since I had to babysit her.

    It was cold outside and in her semi conscious state she did not have her keys upon arriving at her house. I was trying to find a window to break into while she rummaged through her bag. I came back to the front door and she passed out in the snow.

    I took it upon myself to start searching through her pockets for the key. I found the key but not before she awoke and started screaming RAPE at the top of her lungs.

    At that point I didn't care and was hoping the police would show up to take her away.

  • calibro

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    May 06, 2009 3:42 AM GMT
    My fraternity was throwing a party, and I had been drinking a little too much so naturally I was uber flirty. I apparently had been pursuing both guys and girls at this party. Anyways, I am too out of it to realize I that I have led this one dude on further than I wished to take it. It's 4 AM and I am too tired to stumble back to my dorm so I decide to just pass out on the couch in the main room. For all you non-Greeks out there, there is a tradition that any guy who falls asleep on the couch with his shoes on gets tea-bagged and has weird shit written all over his face. See the following pics for examples (images have been altered to protect the drunken identities of those in the photos).



    So, when I feel someone coming up to me, which in reality was the guy I'd been flirting with my trying to cuddle or feel me up, I immediately freak, punching him in the face, and break his nose. icon_redface.gif
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    May 06, 2009 4:38 AM GMT
    I have to be honest: While I've seen a lot of drunks, I generally don't associate with any once their in that condition. The site of a drunk man is the probably the biggest turn off ever for me. I did drive a friend and his boyfriend home once after they had a bit too much. His boyfriend invited me in to show me his house (because I seemed to care apparently?) and they started to go at it! AWKWARD!
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    May 06, 2009 5:05 AM GMT
    Can I say, instead of Drunk, High?

    Because the Drunk ones weren't that interesting (puking, passing out, etc.).

    But my High time, with a high school friend and neighbor: on a return home for summer break from college, he and I hooked up to check out the county fair. But, we got high on the way, cooking, I'm pretty sure, a pipe. And, this was my best ever high.

    We were so stupid. As in, everything took SO MUCH concentration just to partake. I played a pellet gun shooter game, with brilliant marksmanship but lousy standing ability. We had some laughs, then checked out some stock cars, which had some creative tin fenders, etc. I sat on one, leaving a perfect ass print on it. The owner came howling at me, waving his arms and swearing, but I barely took notice of him, and moseyed on. Only later did I understand why he was so furious.

    So, heading home, my buddy (who is not gay), began to reveal his crush on me. This was two decades before bromance was even a concept. He told me how ugly he thought my brother was and how I got the looks in the family. Looks that weren't displeasing to him.

    We were so high we laughed about it, and to this day I have no idea how serious he was. Years later he had a child, and adopted another after marrying the mother, then divorced eventually. To this day I wonder if he really meant what he said. Fortunately, nothing happened between us to make it even weirder.
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    May 06, 2009 6:09 AM GMT
    My weirdest experience? LMAO!

    New Years Eve sometime in the early 90's. My god I had forgotten all about this until I started reading this thread. lol

    I was renting a room and the guy that owned the house at the time had a New Years Eve party in San Antonio. I was in my 20's, our other roommate was in his 30's, and he was in his 50's so there was a broad range of ages at the party. After the clock struck midnight some of us decided to go to the club. As we made plans on who would be driving and such I excused myself and went to the restroom. When I came out a few minutes later I didn't see anyone that had intended to go.

    So I walked around the house and into the backyard eventually finding one of our lesbian friends Tammy and another guy Ruben. All three of us didn't know where anyone was. We went out front and found that they had left us which I thought was weird since one of them was my best friend at the time Sean.

    Well, I couldn't drive because a couple of cars were blocking me in. Tammy said I could drive her car since she was way too drunk and so was Ruben. Then we found out that Sean had Tammy's car keys. In retrospect I have no idea why I didn't just go back into the party and ask people to move their cars but I was probably pissed and that is why I meandered my car onto the lawn to drive to the club. No, I was not drunk.

    So the clubs was about 20 away. I figured no problem. We can get there, have a little bit of fun, get Tammy's keys, and her and Ruben can sleep on the couch and floor so she doesn't have to drive and sober up. But. But she kept telling me to pull over to the side of the road every 5 minutes so she could either dry heave or throw up. Meanwhile Ruben is in the back seat talking about how he might have alcohol poisoning and feels he needs to keep talking because he was afraid he would pass out and die. The 20 minute drive took about an hour. Imagine my delight.

    We finally get there and Tammy just wasn't feeling well. I told Ruben to go in, get the keys, and we would head back to the house and I would stay with Tammy. Well, after a while it was apparent that Ruben wasn't coming back. I left Tammy in the car telling her to please do not throw up in the car but I would be right back and we would leave. I figured by that time if I didn't see Ruben he was on his own.

    I get into the club and ask around for Sean. Nobody seemed to want to tell me (bastards) but I found him on the dance floor. He seemed very happy to see me but I grabbed his arm and yanked him to the outside patio where I told him just how pissed off I was ending with him having Tammy's car keys. He reached into his pocket and said "Oh, I do have them" which I grabbed them and immediately went back to my car. He called after me but unless he was actually going to follow me I didn't care. I needed to make sure Tammy was alright.

    When I got back to the car Ruben was there and they told me that a couple of guys had been trying to harass Tammy. My mistake when we left was driving past the front entrance to the club. I say this because Tammy motioned me to pull over which I didn't do but it didn't stop her from opening up the door and vomited right in front of the club. You should have seen the Drag Queens face that just had to be there when it happened.
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    May 06, 2009 6:15 AM GMT
    A good long-time friend got too drunk at a rage dance club. I drove him home & helped him up the stairs of his house (half carrying him - and he was my size) and I threw him on his bed & tossed a blanket over him. As I was leaving to go home - he called me back, looked right at me and asked for sex. He is straight. I half wanted to - cause he looks like Ben Affleck - but I let my better judgment rule - and laughed it off - declining his uh, offer! (Wonder if we'd still be friends if I had done anything with him?)
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    May 06, 2009 6:29 AM GMT

    I'll just repost. icon_wink.gif

    Most of the times I get really drunk. I just slump over and sleep. But here are some stuff:

    1. Fell asleep while walking home to the bus stop with some friends - literally asleep while walking - And fell into a shallow ditch.

    2. Discussed earnestly how it might be possible to tell the time by the moon's position.

    3. Friends and I decided to go boating after getting wasted. Me and another of my friend decided to fetch the outrigger canoe from the other side of the lake where it was moored. We were both drunk. I was drunker than him. So anyway, there we were, in the middle of the lake. Both drunk, fully dressed, with cellphones and stuff. Then the canoe started to fill up with water! icon_eek.gif LOL. The boat submerged (it still floated of course). It was pretty funny. Everything was slow motion, and none of us panicked at all. We were talking in low, calm voices. Imagine the following conversation in slow-mo (translated of course):

    Him:"Take out your cellphone, Ric. Give it to me."
    Me:*I hand it over to him*
    Him:"On other hand, you hold my cell and yours, keep it above the water while I try to do something about this"
    Me:*I hold it obediently above me as he tries to scoop the water out. Boat submerges completely, we were now waist deep in water. We both laugh*
    Me:"What are we gonna do now?"
    Him:"Just stay close to the boat. Don't try swimming for the shore. We're both too drunk for that."
    Me:"Ok. *laughs* Are we gonna die?"
    Him:"Don't worry. *laughs uneasily, does a double take* Where are our cellphones?"
    Me:"I put it back in my pocket. Much better to get them wet than have them fall from my fingers and sink to the bottom of the lake"
    Him: *facepalms*

    Then we waited, talking about phobias of the water, crocodiles, and drowning like we were just sitting around a table talking about the latest cool movie. My less drunk friend was pretty firm about not attempting to swim for the shore while we were both drunk, I just agreed woozily to everything he said and kept hold on the bamboo outriggers. Our other friends on the shore called one of the house help to swim a rope to us and tow us back to shore. Our cellphones and my mp3 player got drenched (this was before the ipod days) but they dried alright. The worst part was the lotuses that choked the banks. I had scratches for weeks from their spiny stems, and they itched like hell.
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    May 06, 2009 11:58 AM GMT
    One of my best friends in college and I went to a party when I was a junior at James Madison University. We got really wasted, and when it was time to go back to his apartment for sleep, we realized we only had one bike between us to get home. So I get on the handlebars, and he proceeds to pedal the bike. We are going down this really long hill at about 25mps, with no helmets, extremely drunk, and there are people cheering us on, cars honking at us, and all other sorts of people cheering for us. We made it to his apartment in one piece, but in all reality, I think it was the stupidest thing I have ever done, and I should have crashed and died, haha.
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    May 06, 2009 3:48 PM GMT
    Two drunk gay dudes talking about your butt was the weirdest drunk experience you have had? really?
  • SFGeoNinja

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    May 06, 2009 6:29 PM GMT
    My most interesting experiences drunk have been the times where I've blacked out for very short periods of time, like 20-30 minutes, then snap back to reality and feel relatively fine.

    For instance....taking shots before heading to a Kanye West concert and fully remembering getting onto the Metro bus to get there but having zero recollection of getting off the bus. When I woke up from my blackout, I was inside the arena, and the concert had been going for a good half hour already!