Excellent article in the WeHo online paper! Regarding Gay Marriage.

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    May 08, 2009 2:57 PM GMT
    Stop Wasting Energy Over Same-Sex Marriage

    Monday, May 4, 2009 – By Steve Schulte, Los Angeles

    Los Angeles, California (Monday, May 4, 2009) - OK, let’s get the controversial opinion about Prop 8 out there right now.

    Not everyone has to believe that it’s all right for me---a white, gay male----to get married to a guy that I happen to be madly, eternally in love with. Period.

    These same hypothetical people I have just referred to don’t have to assert that it’s all right for you as a gay or lesbian person to marry either.

    It’s ok for us to disagree. That’s what pluralistic culture means. It does not mean that we see things the same way, but that we recognize and respect differences and allow diversity to flourish as long as no one is worse off.

    I don’t mean by “worse off” that no one gives up something really or perceptibly. I mean that no one has measurable, as in physical, harm as a result of a social change.

    What we have going on in California---and Iowa and Vermont and New Jersey and so on---is a cultural war and maturation. This is not new at all. It’s as American, dare I say it, as apple pie.

    But this phenomenon also requires that we gay and lesbian people (as some of the reputed key recipients of the coming change) need to think about how we react to our new recognition and receipt of legal rights. And, in my view, of how we interpret these changes to include previously held “social values.”

    Yes on 8 forces won the election, and now may win the Supreme Court decision supporting that victory. WeHo News.

    More on that in a minute.

    I don’t know what the California Supreme Court will decide on the issue of Prop 8’s validity. I personally don’t see how they can uphold the election results of last November given that the same Court previously decided that it was unconstitutional for ALL Californians not to have the right to marry.

    But I hold my breath---and simultaneously beam for Iowa, for Vermont and soon, I hope for New Hampshire and New Jersey. Maybe for New York. It’s, like I said, a time of social flux. The answer is not yet written.

    But, whatever the Court decides here two things are certain to me. The right to marry and therefore have full legal civil recognition is important, is coming and is just. I also believe that we---I mean gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual people and others not seen as “mainstream”----need to learn to respect and defend the right of others besides ourselves to see things differently.

    When they do so, that does not hurt us. When we have our full rights and they disagree and even when they express openly that disagreement they have every right to do so and should be respected. After all, folks, that’s what we fought for for decades.

    Time to live our own hard-fought beliefs.

    There are those who genuinely believe homosexuality is evil. Photo by WeHo News.

    It may help to sit back, take a deep breath and observe what is going on around us. America has changed and is changing. Admittedly it helps to (in my case) have been reading, watching, opining and voting since the early seventies. Trust me on this one: things have changed a lot.

    Sure there’s lots to be pissed off about. Sure there are Know Nothings like the Catholic bishops, Mormon leaders, key Republican spokespeople, and mainstream commentators and so on.

    So what? They do not represent reality. And neither do we. The world is complex and change is messy. Worthy controversy strengthens our opinions and our spines.

    But, look up. The Iowa Supreme Court just voted UNANIMOUSLY that denying marriage to gays and lesbians is unconstitutional in that state.

    Many key employers and cities fully embrace domestic partner benefits. The Episcopal, Lutheran, United Church of Christ and some Methodist churches either ordain gay clergy or are about to. So do most Reform Jews.

    And, Miss California (God love her!) lost the Miss USA crown. Yep. Things are different. Not perfect.

    The celebration the day Californians were granted same-sex marriage rights by the Supreme Court. Photo by WeHo News.

    But, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson: they never will be. So what if the Pope is regressive on some issues, Sarah Palin is an idiot and Bill O’Reilly both wrong and full of himself!

    WE just need to do the best we can with OUR TIMES.

    The future will take care of itself. Even now, there are progressive Catholics and Mormons, enlightened Republicans and intelligent commentators. (Although probably not on Fox News.)

    Allow me to use a hypothetical urban example of the new America. My neighbor on one side is a Latino fire fighter who with his wife has five children. They are Catholic and don’t want their children to see porn, smoke dope or to think gay marriage is normal.

    On the other side of me is a single lesbian mother who teaches school and is raising two adopted teenagers. She has no lover and is not at all interested in marriage.

    Both families---as do I---have the right as citizens of California and of America to raise their families as they choose, to live their lives as they choose and to keep separate and different views on gay marriage.

    The day they could get married, they hugged in the streets. Photo by WeHo News.

    That is, as long as we are good neighbors, as long as we keep up our property, as long as we provide well for our families and as long as we treat each other civilly and respectfully. Period.

    In my view, this time represents much of what we have been fighting for and arguing about for the last 30-40 years. In a sense, we have arrived. But notice carefully: we are different as modern Californians----not just in our ethnicity, professions and life arrangements.

    We are all different in the opinions and some of the cultural values we hold important. But I believe that any reasonable and fair-minded person would consider us all to be valuable citizens, good neighbors and true Americans. As well as traditionally values-oriented.

    So here is a modest proposal. Let’s stop wasting energy arguing about whether everyone needs to be pro-gay marriage. Let’s turn that energy into being better informed, more tolerant and better citizens of our neighborhoods and of America.

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    May 08, 2009 3:38 PM GMT
    I don't like the story title, but I concur with the story. I think the title is off subject. But the story got cut off at the end. Please post the rest of the story.
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    May 08, 2009 4:24 PM GMT
    Sorry guys part of the story was cut off you can now read the rest...I do love me some "Cliff Hangers"icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif