Flat Bench DB Flys - Form Question

  • aroydee

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    May 08, 2009 9:36 PM GMT
    I am adding flys using free weights to my chest work-out days (I used to do them on a cable machine, but wonder if that is the best way...)

    Here is my question: in my struggle to maintain proper form, I have read that the arms should be kept straight -- no bend at the elbows. But I am having difficulty with that. Should I drop the weight and strive for perfectly straight arms, or is it OK for some bend there?

    Thanks so much, guys -- Still kind of a newbie and I really appreciate your patience and your really great answers!
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    May 08, 2009 10:41 PM GMT
    I try to do it like this:
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    May 09, 2009 12:35 AM GMT
    oh my god....who told you to do them with straight arms?

    they call them tree huggers for a reason, you cant hug a tree with straight arms...a sapling maybe, but not a real tree.


    yeah, you gotta have some bend in your arms. at the elbow. and go down far enough to get a decent stretch and then bring your weights together at the top, like you're 'hugging a tree.' get it?

    keep your shoulders on the bench, don't use them to hunch forward to help with the weight. if you need your shoulders, you're doing too much weight.

  • fitartistsf

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    May 09, 2009 3:15 AM GMT
    Yes, keep your arms bent as you decend. DO NOT stretch the weights parallel with chest. If you go down too far, you engage the shoulders. This defeats the chest workout. Bring the weights only about half way down, or until you feel the shoulders start to kick in, arms still bent. Then raise the weights, with arms still bent. DO NOT touch the weights together, but stop the move with about 3-4 inches of open space between them. Also, DO NOT straighten the arms and lock them, keep them bent as you go up. And go for the squeeze of the pectorals on the way up as well.
    Also, do this routine, SLOWLY, DO NOT rush the set. Focus on form, and keeping it through the whole set.

    Remember, even in other routines and other body parts..... it is NOT how much weight you lift, but how you lift the weight......
  • aroydee

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    May 09, 2009 3:03 PM GMT
    Wow, thanks guys....

    I use one of those on-line training program things and it said to keep my arms straight (even showed perfectly straight arms in the accompanying illustration), but I know enough about my body to be able to tell that something just was not right about it.

    You confirmed my suspicions and even threw in some extra expert advice. I really appreciate it...

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