American Idol-Judges and Contestants Song Choice Week

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    May 13, 2009 2:22 AM GMT
    Judge Choice & Contestant Choice of song night.
    Judges’ Choice

    1. Danny Gokey-“Dance Little Sister” by Terrence Trent Darby, chosen by Paula. I love Danny’s husky voice. I think he can move to the music despite what Kara and Simon said. I don’t remember the song, but I do remember Darby. I would love to have heard Danny sing “Sign Your Name”.

    2. Kris Allen- “Apologize” by One Republic, chosen by Kara and Randy. I liked his subdued version and seeing him behind the piano. I agree that he would have been better on the guitar, but I did like this.

    3. Adam Lambert-“One” by U2, chosen by Simon. Well of course Adam did a very good job on this one. I, personally, thought some of the sections of high notes were a bit over the top, but great performance.

    In this section, for me, I would give it to Kris by a nose. I do think he out did Danny here and just barely out did Adam in my humble opinion (and it has nothing to do with Kris’ humbleness or hotness).

    Contestant’s Choice
    1. Danny Gokey-“You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker. I am comfortable enough in my own skin to admit Danny singing this had me in tears. I was blown away and of course the piano and violins were a great choice, nice touch.

    2. Kris Allen- “Heartless” by Kanye West.
    I am not a fan of Kanye, but I am definitely a fan of Kris. His acoustical version was hot! And the vocals rocked. He is untouchable singing when playing the guitar.

    3. Adam Lambert- “Crying” by Aerosmith.
    Is it me or did the background singer sing over Adam at the beginning of the song? He rocked the end of the song and I did get chills from it. Rock god? Definitely. Hard not to expect Adam to be in the finals.

    In this section, for me, I would give it to Kris hands down. Between Danny and Adam, I am going with Danny. Adam is expected to perform like he did each and every time, but Danny called him out. I give the edge to Danny.

    Now, having said all of that (my humble opinion), here is my take on Wednesday night:

    What should happen: Danny and Kris are in the final with Adam sadly going home. With Danny and Kris, depending on what the final song that both will sing will be, I couldn’t pick at this point. It will be a competition to the end.

    What will happen: Adam and one of the two guys will be in the final, mostly like Kris. For me, if Adam is in the final, there is no competition. Adam will win.
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    May 13, 2009 2:38 AM GMT
    Adam belongs on Broadway, lookup his performance in the 10 commandments the musical and you will agree that he BELONGS there.

    Kris should win ...especially after that song where he hits a high was acousticish, top 7 i think? forgot the song...
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    May 13, 2009 7:41 AM GMT
    My god... Kris was awesome on the kanye song... loved it.

    Adam's vocals are chilling amazing! but it's starting to irritate me that almost every song sounds the same... except for his ballads.
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    May 13, 2009 2:42 PM GMT
    1st, have to say I have only watched this season about three times.
    So with that...

    I think overall Kris was the best during last night's "Let's kiss Adam-Ass-Fest"

    While I know Adam stands out and is a huge fan favorite (hence let's kiss ass, judges, this show needs to produce a third 'star')...

    In my opion he slaughtered "One".
    At first I thought, ok, complete re-work, it could grow on me - then the quick transition to what could only be called a Squeal-Fest full of inaudiable screams as opposed to vocals... Who could understand a word?
    His second song also rallied in to Squeals and I was quickly over it, though it was a much better performance. Yeah the squeals, geez, enuff already...
    If Simon was not being biased, he would have slammed Adam for all of the above as he has done to many other "rockers" on AI in the past.

    Danny's "You are so Beautiful" was awesome.

    I gave up on this show because when the top 5 kick in, it becomes a "let's praise the front-runner so that we can seem to be capable of picking talent" which leads to nothing more than popularity contest and hence the winner's album sales plummet fast because they were far from the most talented.
    Hence the "save" option instituted this year.

    I think I skip the finale....

    Good Luck Kris - plus your a hottie icon_wink.gif
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    May 14, 2009 2:19 AM GMT
    Well, for all those Danny Gokey haters out there, he is out. LOL. When Danny sang, it brought tears to my eyes again. I felt so much, I went to itunes and downloaded both his version of You are so beautiful and Kris's version of Heartless.

    They had me going. For a moment, I thought I would get my wish and see Kris and Danny in the final. When Kris was the first announced, the expressions on the judges' faces were priceless. It looked like all had expected the two horse race to be Danny and Adam. Then, they announced that Adam was in and even Adam looked like he was relieved that he was in and thought he was out.

    Now that it is Adam and Kris, before even hearing what they will sing, I have to give the edge to Kris, primarily because he will get the hottie vote for the girls and gay men, though Adam is gay (subject in this month's issue of the advocate). That is not to take away from his ability to sing and perform. But if the percentage of guys on this site is any indication, then Kris will get UBER votes because he is a hottie.

    We will see. Didn't think Jordan was up to par tonight. And I laughed at Katy Perry's cape that showed her support for Adam. Pretty cute.
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    May 19, 2009 9:19 AM GMT
    I have been a Kris fan from the very start... and his version of Heartless just proved the reason why... I love his chill vibe and Adam is starting to aggitate a little, too over the top for me

    Can't wait for the finale tomorrow! Lets see what happens