I was wondering if and when it would begin. Received this from HRC today. (Why would HRC not allow their videos to be copied and posted?).

It's been a whirlwind of progress toward marriage equality. Vermont. Iowa. Washington, D.C. And just last week, an incredible win in Maine.

But every one of these victories is in the crosshairs.

The radical right is already collecting signatures in a Prop. 8-style effort to put an end to Maine's new marriage equality law. They're airing a new round of anti-LGBT attack ads as well.

So we're fighting back. Proposition 8 proved that we'll need massive efforts to defend our gains.

Today, our lead donor in the fight against Prop. 8 and longtime HRC Board Member, Bruce Bastian of Orem, Utah, has challenged us to redouble these efforts.

As he's done at key moments in the past, Bruce will match every online contribution, up to $120,000, before midnight on Thursday.

Getting the truth in front of the American public is no small undertaking. Extremist groups are not only attacking equal rights we've already won – they are raising millions to shut down progress on victories yet to come.

Backed by supporters like you, here's how we're making a stand:

In Maine, preparing to defend marriage equality at the ballot – sure to be a major fight;
In California, rolling out a massive initiative to organize clergy and religious communities in support of marriage equality;
In New Hampshire, building grassroots pressure behind the marriage bill now making its way to the governor's desk;
In New York, working with state groups to organize support for a marriage bill scheduled for a vote in the state Assembly today;
In Iowa, ensuring elected leaders continue standing strong against the radical right's relentless campaign to overturn the recent court ruling;
In Connecticut and Vermont, ensuring that marriage equality is protected forever.

Every single one of these efforts is being threatened. The truth is on our side, but we need YOUR support to broadcast it, talk face-to-face with Americans, and win hearts and minds.

You can DOUBLE your support when you join HRC right now – every dollar you give will have twice the impact for equality. I hope you'll help us meet this challenge.

Help us protect recent victories and beat back the right-wing propaganda machine – DOUBLE your impact right now. This matching gift challenge ends on Thursday night.


We've accomplished so much, but so much more is possible in 2009 – and so much could be lost. Please donate generously.

Thank you for all you do.


Joe Solmonese