What a pain in the neck!

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    May 24, 2009 6:50 AM GMT
    Does anyone happen to know a brand of shampoo that is anti-bacterial, non-dandruff, and without fragrance? I think I've become allergic to my current shampoo.

    I have a skin condition (Folliculiltis - or so I've been told) that I have to use anti-bacterial soap (doctors orders) and it's spread up my neck and the back of my head. I'll be making a doctors appointment in the next couple of days anyway but wanted to see what suggestions I could get.

    Yes, I saw a dermatologist a while back and he was just a waste of time and money. All he did was say he didn't know and gave me a prescription then at reception I was given a $30 coupon for it. Me thinking that at $30 off it must be a high priced medication (cream) so I didn't fill it. It didn't seem something to do on a 'what if'.


    It was completely under control for the most part until I fell down about a week ago. Now my neck is in pain with this stuff covering it. Not fun at all and I can't even workout!
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    May 24, 2009 7:06 AM GMT
    You have a Staphylococcus infection and you didnt fill the prescription to treat it???? .... icon_eek.gif

    Dude, why dont you just fill the prescription and not mess around with waiting until you get septicemia and die from this crud?

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    May 24, 2009 10:02 PM GMT
    Sorry, I don't know of a product that you could use.
    If you have not read about folliculitis, here is a good article from the Mayo Clinic. Sometimes there is another problem that may be predisposing the individual to have recurrent folliculitis. It is good that you are getting checked by a physician.
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    May 27, 2009 2:58 AM GMT
    Caslon, I have had this for about three years. The dermatologist told me he did not know what it was and was just guessing. I do have a cream that I sometimes use that was prescribed by my normal doctor. I told my normal doctor that I wasn't going to fill the dermatologist prescription and he seemed fine with it since it wasn't a clear diagnosis. Besides my doctor knows more about hiv treatment then that dermatologist who actually told me he didn't know how to treat someone with hiv.

    Basically there is bacteria that lives on the human body. A healthy person is not effected by it adversely but since I am hiv+ I can tell how my health is because of my skin due to my immune system. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I will find out my current lab results.

    I'm not really worried about it because last year around October my T-cells were at 5 and my viral load was at 462,496 not to mention that I weighed 119 pounds. Yes, I was the walking dead. Since then I have gotten healthier. Much healthier actually. I gained 40 pounds in about three months and my numbers started looking much better. Back in December my doctor told me I could start going back to the gym again and things have been going good since.

    Someone sent me an email suggesting Nutragena T-Gel Shampoo.