We all love dummies?

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    May 28, 2009 5:56 PM GMT
    When writing about "Guys I want to meet", many profiles specify "Guys in great shape only" and so on, but rarely you can find a comment on that ideal guy's intellectual features (and when I mean intellectual, I don't mean being pretentious and/or having earned a college degree. A MA or PhD don't necessarily means brains. I think GWBush had a MBA from Harvard...)
    Are we more willing to date a dummy with great abs that someone funny and smart with a belly?
    Do we, as gay guys (dunno if lesbians have the same problem), have lower standards with ourselves and others when it comes to knowledge of the world, other cultures, languages, History, political awareness, etc than when it comes to physical features?
    I honestly think that's the case, since "gay culture" seems to mean being/acting/dressing as a teenager...

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    May 28, 2009 6:48 PM GMT

    I was going to agree with you at first and help you bash the shallow image obsessed gay world, but A. that world is (subjective) a myth, and B, your questions are unfair. Why ask men why they don't make room for a funny smart guy with a belly in this setting? It is a fitness site after all and (believe me I look for them), that population is quite small here. There are however, a surplus of buff bodies, complete with abs, pecs, the works so why wouldn't any given profile text focus on these features. I bet even the smart round RealJockers mention these features in their profile text.

    On the subject of intellectual fitness you mentioned, it is something you look for and not necessarily ask for in your profile text. Anyone can say they are smart, but when they drop the act and speak freely, the truth about how "smart" they are is exposed.

    The forums are a perfect place for that and I sense a bit of judgement in you OP about muscular or fit guys. After being a regular fixture on this board for sometime now, I can say that many a buff bagwell on this site has the intellectual fitness to match or rival their physical fitness. This would make them close to the total package. I know, not fair to the guys with brains, but round bodies, but life isn't fair. Come to conclusions about everyone indivually would be my only advice to you, OP. I'm sure many a man here does. Maybe they don't mention the smart round guy in their profile text, but if he were to come in here making great points and showing great character, his roundness would not be a deterrent against him gaining recognition from the majority of the board.

    Dumb, clarify what this term means to you? For some people a buff/fit body signifies to them the total opposite. They figure a guy must not be all together dumb to have the obvious sense to take care of his body or his health. Other people think anyone who didn't go to a well known University is dumb. You could also ask another guy about what makes a guy dumb and he might say not knowing everything about all matters Star Trek makes a guy dumb. My point is, your question should not be why do we love dummies, but why do we love whatever it is that we love. OP, billions or trillions of variables to help answer the question. I'll be living my life while you unplug and plug until you turn gray, but I suggest you just relax.

  • kaccioto

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    May 28, 2009 7:43 PM GMT
    hot mba = dime a dozen

    hot phd = can't hack the real world, so teaches

    hot jd = saturated footnote checker

    hot cfa/cpa = yum

    hot & not much else = dime a dozen on 8th ave.. ok for gangbangs when single, gets old quick, personally not LTR material or much else.. but if you're happy, whatever floats your canoe