Homophobia in College Athletics - Panel Discussion!!!!

  • swimmer111

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    Jun 04, 2009 4:41 AM GMT
    The non-profit I helped start is having a panel discussion on homophobia in college athletics this Friday, June 5th at 7pm. Below are the details, but we are kicking off Philadelphia Sportsweek!!! Stop by...over by 9 at the latest (plenty of time to still go out).

    Our Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support the athletic community, will be opening Team Philadelphia’s SportsWeek on June 5th 2009 with a panel discussion focusing on the current environment for LGBT student-athletes at universities nationwide. The attitudes toward LGBT individuals in general society versus attitudes toward the same individuals within the athletic community show a huge discrepancy with the athletic community’s views lagging about ten years behind that of the general population. The group of current and former student-athletes along with their advisory board of the top some of the top scholars in the field, are determined to merge that gap. Members of the Our Group board will discuss current challenges within the athletic community while telling their own personal stories ranging from struggle to triumph and acceptance and focusing on the importance of action within LGBT community as well as support within the athletic community.
    Panelists will include:
    Sean Smith – Rutgers University ’05, 2005 Big East Swimmer of the Year, Assistant Coach 05-06, 2000 & 2004 Olympic Trials competitor, Our Group Secretary, Out 100 Honoree 2007
    Jenelle DeVits – University of New Hampshire ’09, Women’s Basketball team captain 08-09, Walk on freshman, scholarship athlete Jr. and Sr. season, Wildcat award recipient for embodying the goals of a UNH student-athlete, Our Group Treasurer
    Anna Aagenes – University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2010
    Major: Gender, Society, and Culture, Minor: Spanish
    Team Captain Cross Country 2009-Track 2010, Team MVP 2009 Season, 2nd Team All Ivy, NCAA Regional Qualifier 800 m
    Co-Chair Penn Athletes and Allies Tackling Homophobia and Co-Chair Queer Student Alliance
    Brian Sims - Bloomsburg University '01, Michigan State University Law School '04
    Captain 2000 Div. II College Football National Champion Runner-Up, Two-time NCAA Regional All-American
    Staff Counsel for Policy & Planning at the Philadelphia Bar Association, Chair of the Gay & Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia
    Ted Rybka - Arizona State University (B.A. Russian 1996; Master of Mass Communications 2006), Director of Sports Media for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), Our Group founding board member

    Mark Schuster – moderator
    Mark has been an administrator and faculty for over twenty-five years in the Northeast and Midwest. Currently the Senior Dean of Students at Rutgers University, supervises all deans at Rutgers along with 30,000 students and Judicial affairs for 45,000 students. He is also an affiliate faculty psych and women’s and gender studies and has taught Sport and Sexuality classes for 10 years. Mark has a Masters in Sport Psychology and Cultural Studies of Sport from the University of Iowa and his PhD. coursework is in Higher Education Administration, also from Iowa.

    Time: 7:00-9:00
    Date: Friday, June 5, 2009
    Place: Carriage House
    3907 Spruce St.
    Philadelphia, PA
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    Jun 04, 2009 5:54 AM GMT
    Good to see that progress is being made in this area. As a former captain of a Div. 1 team in a sport which is often regarded as homophobic, I very well know and understand the pressures and stress caused by this atmosphere. Despite having enough respect from my peers to be named a captain, I decided to remain closeted for my own sake, the sake of the team, and to keep that element of my life away from the practice/playing fields...the one place I truly felt I could "escape" any thoughts or worries I had. However, it would have been nice to have role models in similar sports to look up to, namely "team" sports. I have found very often that gay athletes seem to be more open in individual sports such and swimming and diving, cross country, etc. Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction in breaking down barriers and stereotypes for the future...
  • GQjock

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    Jun 04, 2009 11:15 AM GMT
    Oh I think that homophobia in male team sports lies that the roots of gender roles and is the last remnants of bigotry in the United States

    Male Team sports has had a tribalism it's Us against Them since the first man picked up a ball a thousand years ago
    and leaders ... coaches - owners have used that dark side of human nature to get their "team" riled up forever
    add to that the very vulnerable male ego .... what it is to BE a man in this country
    The homosexual ... is a very easy target
    The stereotype of what a homosexual is .... is everything that is what a "male" is Not supposed to be
    Even though in almost all cases this is not even true

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    Jun 04, 2009 11:28 AM GMT
    The attitudes against homosexuality are directly related to the bogus notion that masculinity is threatened by homosexuality.

    It's not just in sports, but the military and any "good ole' boys club".
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    Jun 04, 2009 11:50 AM GMT
    coolarmydude saidThe attitudes against homosexuality are directly related to the bogus notion that masculinity is threatened by homosexuality.

    It's not just in sports, but the military and any "good ole' boys club".

    HEARING YA LOUD AND CLEAR!!!!!!!! although we dont have DADT in our military!, I feel for ya!